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Lake: Vallecito Reservoir

2018 Ice - Vallecito

Post By: ICE-DAWG      Posted: 1/22/2018 8:32:48 AM     Points: 67    
Trying to get back to this lake this ice fishing season. Does anyone know how the cap is lookin or if its nonexistent?
-Tight Lines
 Reply by: navacito      Posted: 1/22/2018 2:44:04 PM     Points: 50    
Two weeks ago or so heard first hand of only a little starting around the edges
 Reply by: LastKast2010      Posted: 1/22/2018 3:34:08 PM     Points: 4241    
i hear its not too good. The North end is open.. and only some SPOTS have enough ice thickness to walk on. BE CAREFUL
 Reply by: Bwallace10327      Posted: 1/22/2018 4:36:15 PM     Points: 204    
I was up there 9 days ago, mostly open water. A coworker lives at Vallecito and informed me today that the ice situation is bad. The snow we got over the weekend only hurt matters. I'd figure on writing this lake off until its open in a 8 weeks or so.
 Reply by: Catcherman      Posted: 1/22/2018 7:02:13 PM     Points: 3155    
Was up there today, North end has very skim ice, open in the middle south end has a little more ice than the north but it's still unfishable. Hopefully these next couple nights put a good lid on it, I'm itching for it.
No snow on the north side and 3 or so slushy inches on the south so it might work out alright
 Reply by: ICE-DAWG      Posted: 1/23/2018 2:44:30 PM     Points: 67    
Thanks for the update guys! If you hear or see anything or are able to get out and pop some holes please post!!
-tight lines!