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Lake: Williams Fork Reservoir
Guided Fishing Trips on Williams Fork Reservoir for Lake Trout and Pike. Potential for a trophy every trip!  High Country Anglers LLC.

Ice Conditions

Post By: Riki D      Posted: 1/18/2018 3:50:11 PM     Points: 159    
Anyone have updated information for Williams fork? Ill be heading there Tuesday to check it out regardless. If ice is unsafe ill head back to green mountain. I'll be sure to post a report. I also posted a report on turquoise on Monday. Has not been approved yet so maybe I'll just post my updates on the forums from now on.
 Reply by: riper69      Posted: Jan. 18, 3:57:42 PM     Points: 4330    
Was wondering the same thing
I bet it's fishable
 Reply by: shmiley1      Posted: Jan. 18, 4:09:19 PM     Points: 2509    
If its time sensitive info or you just want it out to the pub sooner then submitt an update and make a post both.
 Reply by: lackskill      Posted: Jan. 18, 4:36:39 PM     Points: 3311    
You can always drop a note to the state editor if a report doesn't get published.
 Reply by: Tbubb      Posted: Jan. 18, 5:54:43 PM     Points: 16241    
If you want a report on WF published, you submit it and I approve it.
I doubt anyone has ever waited more than a few hours for me to approve one unless they submitted at 1am.
Calling the local bait shops in Granby might be a good start if nobody has submitted anything...
Likewise, 'fishing with bernie' sometimes has breaking news about ice, so to speak.
I have not been up there lately since it was not frozen, and I am on assignment in California.
 Reply by: LukeJ09      Posted: Jan. 19, 8:27:07 AM     Points: 178    
I was there Tuesday afternoon. Saw several other groups fishing and saw a few out in the middle of the lake. I fished north of the boat ramp just out from the bathrooms and then across the cove from that spot near the island/peninsula with no luck. Didn't even mark a fish, but I've never fished there before so I don't really know where to find the pike that I was looking for. As far as the ice conditions go, it was good. I didn't measure, but it was at least 8" every place I drilled and most were around 10"-12". There's a sketchy looking pressure ridge near the first spot that I fished, but other than that I think conditions are pretty good and should stay that way for the rest of the winter.
 Reply by: Twistertail      Posted: Jan. 19, 9:33:07 AM     Points: 553    
I was there Tuesday and Thursday this week. Fished on the west side and found ice from 5.5 inches to 7+ everywhere I fished. I did see groups fishing on all parts of the lake but don't know what the ice thickness is anywhere else.
I was fishing in the Dean Creek channel area. It was -14 degrees on Tuesday morning when I arrived and 9 degrees Thursday morning. Ice is getting thicker every day know. Fishing for lakers was excellent. Coditions report submitted this morning.
 Reply by: Riki D      Posted: Jan. 19, 12:03:35 PM     Points: 159    
Thanks you guys. Ill be sure to post an update after I go.