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So which drill do you want?

Post By: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: 1/11/2018 8:32:02 PM     Points: 739    
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Think I got the right one. 😜
 Reply by: lackskill      Posted: Jan. 11, 8:54:06 PM     Points: 3006    
I'm a Milwaukee fuel guy myself.
 Reply by: IceFishingFool      Posted: Jan. 11, 9:23:25 PM     Points: 6673    
Milwaukee is my Drill.
 Reply by: Lefty2053      Posted: Jan. 12, 4:16:37 AM     Points: 1190    
It doesn't matter which one you use for drilling through the ice. If it jams at the hole the more torque it has the easier your wrist will snap.If you go with torque better get a Clam Plate. I use a Ridgid 700 Inch Pound and it runs a 7" Nero Mini auger just fine. Drills about 2" a second.
 Reply by: D-Zilla      Posted: Jan. 12, 6:25:57 AM     Points: 1737    
I've got the dewalt 20v brushless, and I've got no issues with anything, except included battery size. I still manage 8-10 holes per charge with the tiny buggers, but I would LOVE to have the bigger batteries.

For the price, it beats drilling by hand! The torque WILL kick your butt though if you aren't ready for it.
 Reply by: Basschaser      Posted: Jan. 12, 8:06:45 AM     Points: 1444    
I have ryobi... Everything
 Reply by: Swampy13      Posted: Jan. 12, 8:21:59 AM     Points: 174    
Another ford/chevy/dodge question. Get one that has a lot of torque and get a clam plate. I have a Milwaukee Fuel and the clam plate. I put an 8" nils on it. Last week I drilled over 40 holes in 12" ice and still had two levels showing on the battery.
 Reply by: Wmdunker      Posted: Jan. 12, 9:21:32 AM     Points: 371    
I have a 20V Dewalt running a 4.5 inch Nils auger, so torque is not a real problem. I probably lose a few fish with the smaller hole, but I get quite a few holes out of a single battery.
 Reply by: JordanandDillon      Posted: Jan. 12, 10:28:28 AM     Points: 380    
Another vote for Rigid Brushless. 4 AH battery, 6 inch lazer. Drilled 30 holes last time I was out and only used 1 of 4 bars on the batter.

 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Jan. 12, 11:36:55 PM     Points: 739    
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I've seen most of these drill in action and really are worth using. I would like to see this test with some of higher end drill that we are using. I was lucky enough to get a Milwaukee fuel 18v this year. I gotta to say I love this thing.

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 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Jan. 12, 11:43:20 PM     Points: 739    
One thing about the high torque drills and breaking your wrist. The clam plate may be next on the list.
I met a guy on the ice with the 8inch kdrill. I gotta say I was digging that auger. There was no bite at the end of the hole like what you get with every other auger I have used. That thing just ripped right threw the ice like nothing.