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Lake: Turquoise Lake

Here Fish Fish Fish...

Post By: Phostakidd      Posted: 1/6/2018 7:41:10 PM     Points: 36    
Actually went to fish Twin lakes these past few days, but as of 01/03/18 the ice was only maybe an inch or two. NOT SAFE!!

So I ventured over to Turquoise Lake on Wednesday evening (01/03). I set up my new CLAM shanty and broke in my new propane auger!! That was an awesome feeling to finally have a good set-up :) Was only on the ice for maybe 2 hours, no fish. A family near us, right up against the shoreline, said they had caught 10 fish (as the kids threw the trout in the air yelling, "flying fish!"

Thursday (01/04) I got on the ice around 10AM-ish. The ice was maybe 8/10 to 12 inches thick. I had rigged a line with a 3" white jig tube, and another rod with a smaller oz. Swedish Pimple. I brought Meal Worms, and shrimp meat from the grocery store. Shrimp is $$$$, especially because it's so efficient staying on the hook, and there are so many in a bag. At any rate, the shrimp worked, but so did the meal worms. The tube jigging, tipped shrimp meat, at 50ft deep, however, did NOT work. I jigged the bottom for hours - NADA. But fish were swimming in my ice hole, literally, in it. They were from just under the ice to about 15ft deep. I spent the day watching them in my holes. I ended up catching around 30 rainbow trout (I took a picture of each one, and made 4 collage pictures).

I fished Dillon on Saturday (01/06) and it was crowded and I only caught 2 little rainbows, and lots of bites.

Turquoise Lake is legit for ice fishing. I had a phenomenal time there, and I will be making it back when I can
 Reply by: Phostakidd      Posted: Jan. 6, 7:44:00 PM     Points: 36    
Here are some collage pictures...
 Reply by: Phostakidd      Posted: Jan. 6, 7:44:21 PM     Points: 36    
And one more...
 Reply by: Dgil1972      Posted: Jan. 7, 8:29:41 AM     Points: 794    
That's fantastic, nice job. I've never been to Turquoise and I want to change that. I hear getting on the ice can be challenging at times. There's a pretty steep hill near the dam that tests ones aerobic fitness. If you don't mind my asking, where did you access the lake and how easy or difficult was it. Are snowmobiles a must?
 Reply by: Phostakidd      Posted: Jan. 7, 10:33:49 AM     Points: 36    
I included a map image from Leadville main street to the parking area at Turquoise. You can really only drive in and park at the lake. The access along the east side and southwest sides of the lake are blocked, allowing only snowmobiles. There is a decent hill from the parking area, to the shoreline, but it's not a long ways (100ft), nor is it too steep, however, I'm 38, was carrying a hefty load on a sled, and walking up was slow and steady. It is at 10,000ft, but the small hill is NOT a deal breaker at all. And the fishing is a deal maker!

We stayed in town for 2 nights, and the at the Rodeway Inn for 1. The lake is like 6 miles away, so easy peasy. Plus there is a nice bait/gas/liquid store, "Saturday's Discount", that has EVERYTHING you may need.
 Reply by: Dgil1972      Posted: Jan. 8, 11:42:26 AM     Points: 794    
Thanks for the info, that's good stuff.
 Reply by: Hybrid      Posted: Jan. 9, 10:19:47 AM     Points: 33    
What model Clam is that ? Thanks
 Reply by: Dgil1972      Posted: Jan. 10, 1:11:54 PM     Points: 794    
Next time you go to Turquoise, or anywhere that has lake tout for that matter, use sucker meat. Cut it into small chunks and hook it onto your tube jig, meat side first and through the skin. Send it all the way to the bottom and reel up a foot or so. Rainbows will bite on it too, but sucker is maybe the best bait for lakers. Cheers!!
 Reply by: nodak kid      Posted: Jan. 13, 11:11:17 AM     Points: 362    
Hey nice to share but shhhhhhhh, thanks for the ice update.
 Reply by: Phostakidd      Posted: Jan. 19, 3:02:14 PM     Points: 36    
Hybrid: I believe its the CLAM Thermal Ice Refuge. Big, warm, and quite comfortable.

Dgil1972: I've had the conversation with a few different people. I think I've come to realize that shrimp meat is not sucker meat, and sucker meat IS where's at. So I will be getting sucker meat for the next trip up there.

nodak kid: I'm totally talking about ice fishing on the Great Salt Lake, Utah )