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Sled for sale

Post By: Sissie86      Posted: 1/2/2018 5:57:24 AM     Points: 163    
Hello all,

My husband and I decided to downsize our sled. Our old sled is still in good condition has 6 pole holders already attached, pull rope and an “assist” rope. We’re asking only $40 for it. We live in the Springs.

(Measurements in photos)

Thank you for looking!!

 Reply by: Sissie86      Posted: Jan. 2, 5:59:34 AM     Points: 163    
Couple more photos...
 Reply by: Bullseye73      Posted: Jan. 4, 7:05:54 PM     Points: 184    
Bump!! This is a nice sled folks!!
 Reply by: Bullseye73      Posted: Jan. 8, 7:23:27 PM     Points: 184    
Bumpy bump bump!!
 Reply by: riper69      Posted: Jan. 9, 9:04:09 AM     Points: 4073    
In the process of building one right now
 Reply by: Bullseye73      Posted: Jan. 13, 12:43:40 PM     Points: 184    
 Reply by: Fishing Info      Posted: Jan. 13, 3:49:29 PM     Points: 17    
Somewhat Interested, but not planning on heading to the springs anytime soon. Are you by chance coming to Denver for anything?
 Reply by: Bullseye73      Posted: Jan. 13, 4:13:42 PM     Points: 184    
Hey Fishing Info. No plans for Denver in the near future. Planning Skaguay trip tomorrow but could maybe catch up with you on a lake somewhere in the next week or so. What lakes do you like to ice?
 Reply by: Fishing Info      Posted: Jan. 13, 8:03:42 PM     Points: 17    
I go down to the 11 mile sometimes and go further south occasionally too if you want maybe we can set something up shoot me an email with your contact info at: going to be up at Grand next weekend so I doubt that will help. Not sure exactly when I will make it down that way but it shouldn't be too long.
 Reply by: Bullseye73      Posted: Jan. 20, 7:46:49 PM     Points: 184    
Still up! $40