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Lake: Skaguay Reservoir

Skaguay ICE????

Post By: ondfritz80      Posted: 12/21/2017 3:54:52 PM     Points: 403    
Anyone heard anything about Skaguay? I'm thinking about going out there Saturday morning, but trying to avoid a long drive for nothing.
 Reply by: fish-hunter      Posted: 12/23/2017 8:10:14 PM     Points: 465    
Went there to scout it out last weekend pretty thin no holes drilled use caution
 Reply by: Ice theory      Posted: 12/25/2017 8:52:05 PM     Points: 5    
Went up on Saturday afternoon. Even with the nice weather, temp was about 30 when we showed up at 1. The ice averaged 5-7 inches and was snow covered so cleats werenít a necessity. Caught 5 in the 2 hours we were there. Stayed on the north side of the lake around the bend from the boat ramp. Spoke to some other guys from the south side sounded like they had the same luck and ice conditions.
 Reply by: fisher96      Posted: Jan. 7, 9:00:33 PM     Points: 70    
How's the ice looking up here?
 Reply by: snotsickles08      Posted: Jan. 8, 6:05:02 AM     Points: 23    
ice was 10 inches when we went about 2 weeks ago. lake is fully capped and should have good ice everywhere. saw people fishing all parts of the lake
 Reply by: Bullseye73      Posted: Jan. 8, 7:20:04 PM     Points: 184    
Iím planning on going this Sunday. Anyone else planning on going this Sunday? Iíve never been before but looking to find a more secluded place than the sausage fest I found at Terryall this past Sunday. Let me know, would love to meet up with someone for company.
 Reply by: Bullseye73      Posted: Jan. 13, 12:45:24 PM     Points: 184    
Bump! Anyone thinking Skaguay tomorrow? Heading up in the morning, hoping thereís ice to fish on. Never been there before but Iím excited.
 Reply by: Bullseye73      Posted: Jan. 14, 3:18:43 PM     Points: 184    
Went today, great action for rainbows. Fished on the northern side of the lake only about 100í or so from the boat ramp. Found a nice point off the shore and fished 26í deep with green glow-finkies tipped with butter worms. Got there about 8am and had our limit by 10am. Ice was good and strong, mostly clear but some cloudy areas. 10Ē thick where we drilled. There were some areas that were a little sketchy, we stayed away from those areas. Good day! Not as crowded as Terryall has been.
 Reply by: Ice theory      Posted: Jan. 20, 9:26:34 PM     Points: 5    
BE CAREFUL! Ice thickness varies from 4-12Ē with patches of open water in the middle. We saw one man fall completely through ice about 150-200 yards out from the north side around the bend from the boat ramp. Thatís was around 9. Luckily, he was able to get out and run for the parking lot. There were a number of ugly spots closer to the middle but overall the ice was in good shape along both north and south shores. Fishing wasnít bad. As group of 5 we caught 12 bows 14-16Ē
 Reply by: fisher96      Posted: Mar. 2, 12:52:54 PM     Points: 70    
Anyone been up there lately???