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Lake: Willow Creek Reservoir

Willow Creek Ice

Post By: Dgil1972      Posted: 12/16/2017 5:50:36 PM     Points: 1552    
Fished Willow Creek today on 6 inches of hard ice north west of the campground. The campground gate is closed so we parked at what appears to be an old boat ramp, west of the campground. We were above 40 FOW and saw a few come in at the bottom, but most of our action was at 20 feet and above. There's a couple inches snow on the surface as well. Small, white and tipped w/ waxies landed most of the 20? between two of us. We used tubes and Trout Magnets most of the day but also landed on worms and power bait. It got to the point we were just throwing whatever we had at them to see what they would hit. All rainbows, 8-16 inches.
 Reply by: Tbubb      Posted: 12/16/2017 6:22:41 PM     Points: 21397    
There are some good trout in there, but 16" is a winner, overall.
Sounds like a good day for you!

There are a variety of fish in there, actually, so don't be afraid to pursue something that is behaving differently. You might get a cool surprise!
 Reply by: Fish4Colorado      Posted: 12/16/2017 8:21:33 PM     Points: 1261    
Good job out there, we saw you guys fishing when we arrived. We fished 23fow, did well on little jigs tipped with waxies and kastmasters tipped with meal worms.

There was another family there. Not too many people out. Nice wind free day with colder temps.
 Reply by: Speezer      Posted: 1/16/2018 4:21:24 PM     Points: 690    
Anyone have any current ice info for willow creek? Hoping to possibly get up there this weekend.

Thanks in advance