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Lake: Taylor Park Reservoir

Taylor Ice?

Post By: pikemaster      Posted: 12/11/2017 1:02:16 PM     Points: 0    
Any reports on ice at Taylor? I was thinking about heading that way this weekend for the first time. Looking at posts from the last couple years it seems that the lake usually ices over about this time. Any info is appreciated.
 Reply by: Inlandsharpie777      Posted: 12/11/2017 6:39:53 PM     Points: 235    
Some Ice at the inlet about a week ago when I was up there, has probably continued to grow a bit... Thinking about trying to fish it this weekend. Again, some ice, but I can't say if it's safe and there's not much. Open water pike fishing was no good, at least with a fly.
 Reply by: chucker      Posted: 12/21/2017 9:10:28 PM     Points: 39    
If you end up fishing at Taylor please post the conditions. Thinking about going right after the first of the year.
 Reply by: fishingfool4ever      Posted: 12/23/2017 7:30:23 AM     Points: 490    
Any ice conditions yet? Looking to make a trip up there as well in the next couple days after Christmas.
 Reply by: johnski      Posted: 12/23/2017 8:30:31 AM     Points: 3615    
Also anyone up there let us know about snow conditions by the marina. I usually haul my sled that way and those conditions are useful to know.
 Reply by: Trotline      Posted: 12/23/2017 10:56:19 AM     Points: 797    
I was up there the second week of Nov. The entrance to the marine was barricaded. Sign said no vehicles allowed. You may have to find another way to get on the lake.
 Reply by: johnski      Posted: 12/23/2017 2:08:51 PM     Points: 3615    
Cool. I am hoping the snowmobiles will have packed the trail since I hauled my sled down and back out that way by foot. Packed trail makes it easier on this travelled body.
 Reply by: fishingfool4ever      Posted: 12/24/2017 6:48:31 AM     Points: 490    
Thank you all for the heads up! I will definitely plan this out.
 Reply by: framerframer      Posted: 12/31/2017 9:58:10 AM     Points: 0    
Ice is 11 1/2". Road icy from Almont up, but good. Went yesterday. Afternoon wind, couple of runaway huts. Lakers were hitting 2" white tubes tipped with sucker off the bottom, pretty much everywhere we fished.
 Reply by: rustrods      Posted: Jan. 2, 6:47:03 PM     Points: 13    
Hey new to the area wanting to Ice Fish Taylor. Can snowmobiles be ran on the ice? Thanks
 Reply by: Trotline      Posted: Jan. 3, 9:40:20 AM     Points: 797    
Yes You can run snowmobiles on Taylor. I will not fish it without a sled.
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: Jan. 3, 11:19:55 AM     Points: 647    
How much snow is up there?
 Reply by: Catcherman      Posted: Jan. 3, 11:48:36 AM     Points: 3155    
Hopefully someone can submit a lake update?
 Reply by: rustrods      Posted: Jan. 4, 4:33:36 PM     Points: 13    
Hey thanks for the heads up about snowmobiles
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: Jan. 5, 12:23:17 PM     Points: 647    
Just talked with the marina - they say ice ranges from 6" - 10" depending. Some slush on the west end, but fisherman out on it daily.
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: Jan. 11, 10:17:31 AM     Points: 647    
Any new updates after the storm? Heading up Saturday early AM
 Reply by: IceFishingFool      Posted: Jan. 11, 11:36:50 AM     Points: 6673    
Brad ? Did your package arrive ?
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: Jan. 11, 11:56:58 AM     Points: 647    
Not yet - been watching...
 Reply by: SanJuan      Posted: Jan. 11, 3:21:00 PM     Points: 161    
Headed up early Saturday morning, how far down towards marina can u drive a vehicle? I have a 4X4, but just make take my lil Honda FWD car and park out at main road and pull sled down from there. Any feedback appreciated!
 Reply by: IceFishingFool      Posted: Jan. 11, 9:48:45 PM     Points: 6673    
Brad, maybe tomorrow then, post office said 2 days.
 Reply by: Catcherman      Posted: Jan. 12, 6:08:44 AM     Points: 3155    
Good luck fellas, let me know what conditions are like
 Reply by: Trotline      Posted: Jan. 12, 10:14:11 AM     Points: 797    
Mh grandson was there Sat. the 6th. They were able to drive to the lake near the marina.
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: Jan. 12, 12:00:54 PM     Points: 647    
IFF - got it man - thank you!! Now to learn the art of the baitcaster...
 Reply by: IceFishingFool      Posted: Jan. 12, 9:46:09 PM     Points: 6673    
Brad, you can call me any time, pointers are free, just like hook sets ☺

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