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Ice fishing goals this season

Post By: Kev-o      Posted: 11/30/2017 9:58:17 PM     Points: 42225    
With the impending ice fishing season around the corner letís have a little bit of fun. What are your hopes for this season? I want to catch a 40Ē laker finally. Lets hear what some of you would like to accomplish this year.
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: 11/30/2017 10:08:21 PM     Points: 7222    
actually get out on the ice this year. Haven't been out in over 20 years and I picked up a couple of ice rods at the Gander clearance events that need to be broken in.
 Reply by: lackskill      Posted: 11/30/2017 10:16:47 PM     Points: 3466    
Catch all the fish
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 11/30/2017 11:41:31 PM     Points: 1973    
Learn to catch eyes through the ice . . .not fall down and go bump.
 Reply by: IceFishingFool      Posted: 11/30/2017 11:55:51 PM     Points: 7516    
Buds the name, Walleye and Perch is my game.
 Reply by: Gtiwarrior      Posted: 12/1/2017 1:43:05 AM     Points: 126    
I'm gonna fish Ice for the first time this year.
 Reply by: swede2      Posted: 12/1/2017 3:44:46 AM     Points: 436    
Kev-o. ..exact same goal as you (40"+ laker). Had my eyes on that goal all year.
 Reply by: Lefty2053      Posted: 12/1/2017 5:30:31 AM     Points: 1190    
Get out, Catch and release. All fun to me. Small Medium or Large fish,It just doesn't matter as long as I am out doing it.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 12/1/2017 5:57:15 AM     Points: 33297    
Fish March and April. I always quit at the end of February and get the boat back out.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 12/1/2017 6:41:35 AM     Points: 39367    
IFF bought me a 1 year subscription to "Whipped" magazine, I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it during ice season. ANYTHING is better than ice. BTW IFF pointed out to me he bought it for me because he has a lifetime subscription his wife bought him 30 years ago. He's even published a few articles in it!
 Reply by: the-fishing-guy      Posted: 12/1/2017 6:47:39 AM     Points: 145    
My goal is to catch me a WHALEEEEEE!!! LOL hoping to catch my biggest Brook this year and land as many baby whales as possible.. by whales I mean BIG'OL bows, browns, brooks.. anything big. Ice is almost here for me in the San Luis valley, about 2weeks tops
 Reply by: FishingLegend      Posted: 12/1/2017 7:32:35 AM     Points: 10    
I'm hoping to get a pike and laker through the hole.
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: 12/1/2017 8:21:52 AM     Points: 650    
I like that 40" goal sir - but I think I will say my goal for the year would be a 30" laker. That would be my best thru the ice
 Reply by: thompo      Posted: 12/1/2017 8:46:53 AM     Points: 205    
my actual goal is to have fun, catch some lakers and walleye and antero piggies and in the process of all that stay dry and safe.

my kinda out there goal is to get close to the state record perch. if you've ever seen a picture of it it was just a grotesque fat slob of a fish. we put two on the ice last year that were longer but i'm on the hunt for that super obese one.
 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: 12/1/2017 9:01:57 AM     Points: 11    
30" cutbow, 35" laker, and a 100 laker day between 3 people
 Reply by: Fish4Colorado      Posted: 12/1/2017 9:07:38 AM     Points: 1261    
The goal is to ice fish Antero for the first time ever. And also catch a laker over 35 inches. I know the lake I'll be targeting them at.

For those who want to get into Walleye during ice season, Boyd will be a good lake to start, get there at 5:30am or even sooner, because the window is tiny.
 Reply by: Toadfish      Posted: 12/1/2017 9:50:55 AM     Points: 3533    
Get out more...Think I only had 50 or so trips on the ice last season, want to triple that at least
 Reply by: ICE-DAWG      Posted: 12/1/2017 10:59:36 AM     Points: 67    
I would like to snowshoe back into chambers for a day of fishing this season
 Reply by: oldguy      Posted: 12/1/2017 11:40:58 AM     Points: 245    
Be able to tag along with someone to ND, SD, or Iowa. I want to experience catching big perch, yellow bass.
 Reply by: FISHRANGLER      Posted: 12/1/2017 12:11:28 PM     Points: 6673    
My goal is to stay off of it and head south again.
 Reply by: Wilbur Rednbacker      Posted: 12/1/2017 12:40:09 PM     Points: 1530    
Walleye through the ice.
 Reply by: Dakota Dude      Posted: 12/1/2017 12:47:30 PM     Points: 1460    

No reason to tag along in ND or SD. You can find jumbos in just about any lake.
 Reply by: Fish4Colorado      Posted: 12/1/2017 1:13:02 PM     Points: 1261    
Dakota Dude,

It's not quite that simple in the CO, there are jumbo perch I've caught them but it's not as easy to find as it is in ND or SD, also not as many people living there.
 Reply by: oldguy      Posted: 12/1/2017 2:24:29 PM     Points: 245    

I have iced Rifle Gap, Aurora, even Granite in Wyoming but have not found Jumbo Perch like what I saw on You Tube. I have the money, vacation to go to SD, ND... but my friends do not want to travel that far. Sad
 Reply by: shiverfix      Posted: 12/1/2017 4:54:16 PM     Points: 3398    
Actually ice fish this year. I didn't get out at all last year.

I'd rather go south with rangler, but unfortunately I don't have that option, so ice fishing it is!
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 12/1/2017 6:11:18 PM     Points: 20631    
Catch a warmwater fish thru the ice, caught plenty of trout. Bass, perch, walleye, bluegill, crappie....anything different.
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: 12/1/2017 6:21:55 PM     Points: 1301    
Dial in the silvers with my fishing buddy on a certain, well known reservoir.
 Reply by: Jamesbo      Posted: 12/1/2017 6:52:05 PM     Points: 405    
Since catch all the fish has been taken, I'll drink all the wine. (Pretty sure my subscription to "Whipped" is current!) Seriously, I also just want to get on the ice. Last year I had the car loaded with all my ice fishing equipment. I was ready to go as soon as I got permission. Car trouble twice. Fence blew down. Never had the time or money to go fishing.
 Reply by: bottom_pounder      Posted: 12/1/2017 7:14:38 PM     Points: 149    
41" laker.
 Reply by: riper69      Posted: 12/1/2017 7:26:35 PM     Points: 4335    
35 plus inch lake
And to fish at leased once a week
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 12/1/2017 7:53:31 PM     Points: 15    
Break all the ice to prevent ice fishing cities from taking all my fish. Its all about me.
 Reply by: D-Zilla      Posted: 12/1/2017 9:55:49 PM     Points: 1739    
Finally catch a laker that is 30"+ I can catch them all over up to there, but never over.

That and MAYBE get out more....if I can ever get off work. 65 hours already this week and working tomorrow afternoon/evening too.
 Reply by: adrenaline_junkie_ff      Posted: 12/2/2017 4:55:26 PM     Points: 4717    
My goal is 50 days on the ice this season. 20% there so far.
 Reply by: jig head      Posted: 12/2/2017 7:01:28 PM     Points: 676    
Thompo- can you post a picture of the state record perch? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
 Reply by: thompo      Posted: 12/2/2017 9:53:33 PM     Points: 205    
yep. here ya go. he actually popped into a thread in a facebook group we're both in where somebody said "i think i might have close to the record" and he dropped this bomb. hopefully he's okay with me sharing it here.

look at that belly.
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: 12/2/2017 11:53:42 PM     Points: 489    
My goal is to get more the kids on the ice with me this year. Get them away from the video games for a while.

Try to chase some Lakers this year. Haven't been for the past couple.

Pull a monster carp through the ice. That would be fun.
 Reply by: Lone Shark      Posted: 12/3/2017 12:03:49 AM     Points: 854    
I've ice fished literally 3 times to date. I have a handful of rainbows from 1 trip and blanks from the others. Call it So cal scared of ice. But no longer scared just cautious I hope to be 4 new species. Whether the pond across the street or a laker I'm going to hunt. Bought an some stupid short rods...not afraid to support OPEC and drive...Im a huntin..thats my goal...that is all. Just to fish and learn
 Reply by: finsnfeathers      Posted: 12/3/2017 6:12:30 AM     Points: 444    
Catch a trout over 5 pounds
Catch a pike over 36Ē
Catch some catfish
Catch walleye
 Reply by: Fish4Colorado      Posted: 12/3/2017 7:31:31 AM     Points: 1261    
Lone Shark,

Should have gone with someone from the site that has had experience ice fishing, there are lakes that do well ice fishing and those that don't. You'd have a lot of fun fishin some of the known ice fishing lakes.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 12/3/2017 8:25:57 AM     Points: 39367    
f4c - that's a great idea. You should volunteer to take him ice fishing. Reading recent posts you know where the jumbo perch are, the large lakers and bows. A novice ice fisherman would benefit greatly from someone of your experience.

I personally hate ice fishing.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 12/3/2017 9:37:14 AM     Points: 20631    
Fish 4 CO....I see a great opportunity for you to help out an ice newbie here with Lonshark!
 Reply by: Lone Shark      Posted: 12/5/2017 6:33:04 PM     Points: 854    

My first trip was to Douglas with my buddy and we were in a shelter and caught the slimers.

My 2nd and third trips I cannot recall which came first but one trip was to Williams Fork with Tucker Bamford (One of Bernies guys) and we were only hunting for Bigs. We got a couple of bites and we were on large fish in many of the holes but as many know big lake trout in clear water are not that easy. Again we had a couple chances.

The other of the 2 last year was to LoneTree. I fished with my buddy John and a couple of his buddies. They had been having decent success out there but all 4 of us got skunked this day. There was about 8 inches of snow on the ice which some believed hurt the fishing. What do I know.

I will have to hit up some of the guys on here this season. I have my striker ice suit...I have an auger....I have 5 silly short rods.

I will learn this year.

I also have a day schedule with Bernie on Granby that I booked almost a year ago. Really excited to fish with him. A number of chats with him at the ramp or at his house have me knowing he will be blast to fish with.

 Reply by: bratfish      Posted: 12/5/2017 8:36:55 PM     Points: 1093    
same as you bigger laker than my pb.
and be nice to have some ice to do it on... lol. or some slivers of ice to do it on, i will fish a sliver o ice... this year gopro of it. lol.
 Reply by: Basschaser      Posted: 12/6/2017 5:38:09 AM     Points: 1444    
Hit Granby with Kevin...
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 12/6/2017 7:05:00 AM     Points: 39367    
brat - you're still have a few marbles loose dude. lol

Basschaser - which Kevin? Kev-O?

f4c - looks like LoneShark is ready for an epic ice trip with you.
 Reply by: Fish4Colorado      Posted: 12/6/2017 7:33:57 AM     Points: 1261    
I'm not an expert at all, sounds like Lone Shark is fine being around all the guiding knowledge.

I enjoy good company and everyone having fun catching fish that is all.

AWB, I like watching fishing videos on Youtube on ColoradoFishingDude and others on Youtube couldn't help but notice you enjoyed ice fishing here [log in for link] :p

As I get older, cold is not my favorite anymore but I can't help it.

(Sarcasm all over the thread)
 Reply by: bratfish      Posted: 12/6/2017 9:44:32 AM     Points: 1093    
AWB never had em all together. you all can thank me for the cold snap. just got a kayak to get towed on by a 20 + lb laker for our YouTube channel. 👍 so of course cold af...
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 12/6/2017 2:36:12 PM     Points: 39367    
brat - fair enough

lol my one and only fish ever caught ice fishing and it's on film.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 12/6/2017 6:14:45 PM     Points: 20631    
I think you have a second account on FXR under a different name that you use to brag about your icefishing trips AWB. I think you love it and you are posting as Lackskill and hanging out with GH every weekend. Just my conspiracy theory.
 Reply by: ColoradoRay      Posted: 12/6/2017 7:38:15 PM     Points: 17485    
AWB - That is a great video. Pretty sure that is you, on frozen water, fishin with a short rod, in short sleeves, through a little hole, and catching a nice looking big fish with a big smile on your face!!!!!! I knew you had it in you buddy.
 Reply by: elkinthebag      Posted: 12/7/2017 7:07:35 AM     Points: 2114    
Me I just wanna make it out ice fishing. Between work bball and auger issues I am not looking good at hitting my goal.
 Reply by: fishingfool4ever      Posted: 12/7/2017 8:09:20 AM     Points: 490    
Hope to actually get out and do some fishing this year. Looks to be a good season and looking to forward to some Lakers!!

Gonna do some more "net-working" and meet some more fellow anglers and not spend so much time in my hut! Learn so much from just talking and sharing knowledge with those who share the same passion for this sport!

See you all on the ice!!
 Reply by: Catcherman      Posted: 12/7/2017 8:43:41 AM     Points: 3155    
my number 1 was getting A walleye threw the ice but since it doesn't look like the lake is going to freeze up until January or at all I will probably be working on goal 2 which is a lunker lake trout from blue mesa. Until then this no snow November is making it really easy to go bobcat hunting.
 Reply by: Dakota Dude      Posted: 12/7/2017 9:45:30 AM     Points: 1460    

You can definitely find jumbos here, though not in numbers like the Dakotas. What I was saying is that there is no need to find some one to tag a long with. Finding jumbos in the Dakotas is an easy task.
 Reply by: Lone Shark      Posted: 12/7/2017 10:00:25 AM     Points: 854    

....You are correct. I have no issues learning from guides or friends for that matter. Once upon a time I was a deckhand in Southern California working local and long range boats for 4 seasons. I moved here and for some reason had an attitude that because I was a above average saltwater fisherman that somehow it translated to fishing here LOL....

...Well at some point humility began to set in and I had to have a look within and realize that the younger version of me that absorbed knowledge like a sponge and always kept an open mind was kicking my mental can around. I decided it was time to throw that cocky person aside and become a student of the craft again. So I learn from anyone and everyone. I don't get down when the fishing is bad... I just try harder and try to learn more. And likewise I help those that I can help if they are in need.

If there are invites out there into laker country I'm always game. I'm a jovial idiot that brings optimism and usually a will to fish longer than the guy next to me. I do live in Fort Collins so certainly up for local stuff too but I do have a nervousness about Ice still so I need Thick Ice put my nerves at ease...

I have an Auger and a Ice suit...I'm still in Kayak mode though and fishing the open water that is left. I have chatted with a few guys that were on shore the last couple months while I was at WF or Granby. It's hard to take notes on who was who and definately harder to figure out who's screennames are what. My name is Jason Jones on Facebook. If I have already met anybody here while I was on the water don't be afraid to friend me with a message reminding me where we saw each other. I have a Bluefin Tuna as my picture to help weed through the million Jason Jones's but Being friends with all the guides around here should show some "mutual friends"

I'm hitting the high country this weekend for one last prayer for a giant before the lakes harden up. Hope to trip across some of ya'll
 Reply by: bratfish      Posted: 12/7/2017 10:45:53 AM     Points: 1093    
address elk, i can kidnap you to the ice. your unga bunga big so you can walk to truck. too big to lift. addy?
 Reply by: CACHEM ALL      Posted: 12/9/2017 7:52:38 AM     Points: 204    
40" pike through the ice. POWERTOTHEPIKE!!!!
 Reply by: Fish4Colorado      Posted: 12/11/2017 11:39:58 AM     Points: 1261    
Lone Shark,

Appreciate the lengthy response. I want to apologize if i came off as a know it all smart arse in any of my posts. I did not mean to. I am always learning, one of the latest ice fishing styles I've been into is using tip-ups, I hope to get better and finding how the depth for pike works using tip ups, and i hope to catch a lake trout on a tip up this year.

So far my ice fishing season has not had the start I'd imagined, but non of my lakes I normally go to are frozen either.

Hope we come across and meet this ice season.
 Reply by: elkinthebag      Posted: 12/11/2017 12:31:43 PM     Points: 2114    
Thanks brat. Recent divorce so I can go any time I am not working or have a basketball game. Which is like never.

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