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Lake: Antero Reservoir
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SCUDS? Antero Newbee question re: Scuds

Post By: stratfish      Posted: 11/14/2017 8:59:17 AM     Points: 200    
Howdy Y'all!
I'm new to Antero. Fly fishing (wading) the N. Shore so far, and new to this site (found while researching patterns to fish @ Antero.) All patterns recommended that I've seen so far have been buggers and leeches, but one dude I met near the boat ramp (who lives nearby at Buffalo Peak (?) told me "Scuds, bro! Fishes I've kept were packed full of scuds and damsel flies - size 16-20!" I was so surprised at the tiny size recommendation I didn't think to ask him for colors. It was sunrise so I wasn't awake enough to think about picking his brain.

Q: Anyone here fish scud patterns at Antero? If so please let me know size & colors used -- and any tips for how to fish 'em. (depth, retrieve, etc.)

I've been converted from dry fly only fishing by these beautiful strong fish at Antero. LOVE 'EM! I have lots to learn!

Paying my dues on new water (until it freezes.) Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated... I'll be lucky to get out there 1 or 2 more times before ice-up.

 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: 11/14/2017 9:15:28 AM     Points: 2685    

Good for you, yes it is an amazing fishery and scuds, especially in the Spring, can be very effective. As you mentioned, on a day in day out basis, leeches will almost always work.
I like larger flies, scuds in the #12-#14 in grey, green, olive, and sometime orange work well for many. The leeches I like can run from size #2 to size #12, colors brown, black and olive work well. The size #2 is not a misprint
I've caught trout in all three South Park lakes on the Big flies especially in the fall.
If you don't have one and are able to get one you'll want a float tube or a pontoon for fishing all of the SP lakes, it will open up a bunch of water for you.
Be safe as the winds can be very dangerous on these lakes especially after ice out and well into the early summer.
 Reply by: stratfish      Posted: 11/14/2017 9:43:43 AM     Points: 200    
Thanks, Bill. I was hoping that you would see this post and chime in!
Would like to be able to talk directly with you sometime if you'd be open to that - feel free to email me: medpad<at>yahoo<dot>com

I like larger flies too - but have to learn how to cast streamers better.

I don't have a pontoon boat - but have a buddy with 2 of them who is a Spinney addict. I never understood why anyone would drive that far (from C. Sprgs) when I can be on the water at Pikes Peak N. Shore in less than 1 hour. NOW I GET IT! Amazing fisheries indeed!

What wind? HA!
We had to leave 2 Saturdays ago when a front blew in at 11:00 sandblasting our truck, turning the water to red soup with 3' white caps. Seeing snow coming over the Collegiate Range we all knew it was over. Everyone on the N. Shore except one dude left.

I hooked a few and let 'em go...
They've hooked me harder and now I'm obsessed!

Thanks for the info! NICE PICS!!
What is that yellow & white stream called? Looks like one of your Size 2.

 Reply by: richw88      Posted: 11/14/2017 3:37:46 PM     Points: 12    
Scuds are the first casualty of low water, declining weed beds, and reservoir draw-downs. And the last to recover.
Used to be when you pulled an anchor up in Spinney and Antero you got bunches of weeds with scuds crawling all over them. No more. The water demands at Spinney every winter and the regular draw-downs at Antero have really reduced their numbers. I haven't seen a scud in either lake in years, although they are present if you can find them. And they will work on the fish at times.
But damsels, midges, and callibaetis are a much surer bet most of the time. And buggers in Antero where the pike won't swipe them. When someone tells you a certain fly is the best, he/she may be right, or the fly he's using may be being taken by the fish for something else entirely. For instance, I've always done well at Antero on a rusty-colored mayfly nymph. I have no idea what the fish think it is, or why I ever tied the first one, but around the south ramp it's money in the bank.
Best all-around fly on either lake - a 16 gold bead head pheasant tail. In July an olive BH damsel nymph might top it. Early and late in the day - midges, big ones (12-16).
Try scuds - you may do well on them. But don't bet on them entirely.
 Reply by: Freestone303      Posted: 11/15/2017 11:10:34 AM     Points: 442    
Surprised someone would drive that far from C. Springs? Man, I wonder what you think of us from further away that make the long drive to Spinney. It takes me about an hour just to get to Colorado Springs.

Think about where scuds live and what they will try to blend into for colors.

I really don't fish the south park lakes often, but I haven't found any scuds in Spinney/Elevenmile.

That said, I have tied up some articulated damsel nymphs that drive the trout nuts in those lakes in the summer time.

In terms of streamer size, think about this. I will throw 5-6” three hook jerkbaits for trout up there. So a big articulated streamer even up to 8” is not too big for a trout, especially in South Park.
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: 11/15/2017 2:58:44 PM     Points: 2685    
No connection to this outfit other than being a longtime customer. Here's a link to what I have found to be one of the best quality/price combos for flies. I've been using them for about 8 years now, fast efficient, free shipping on larger orders and typically you'll have your flies within 2-3 days of ordering. Many of the folks on this site as well as most of the people I fish with utilize them even though many are excellent fly tiers.
You won't be disappointed.
[log in for link]
[log in for link]
The second link is the big Zonker size #2 you see in two of the pix, it comes in a bunch of colors and as I remember are about $.61 each by the dz.
Tight lines, smooth drags,
 Reply by: suckermeat      Posted: 11/16/2017 2:36:30 PM     Points: 30    
add snails to the mix the 18" fish I brought home for dinner Tuesday was stuffed full of them!
 Reply by: rkhancock      Posted: 11/16/2017 5:01:05 PM     Points: 11011    
Haven't fished antero much but I know quite a few of the lake in the mountains have crawdads so dont overlook crawfish patterns.
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: 11/16/2017 9:24:14 PM     Points: 1412    
In Spinney I’ve caught lots of fish on crawfish patterns. You’ll see huge claws on the bank. Some over 2” but never seen a crawfish or any sign of them at Antero. Bill will tell you that I’ll fish a leech all season. Brown with UV dub mixed in. It’s a go to fly everywhere. Rivers and Stillwater’s.
However, The last fish I landed at Antero was on a #10 green gray scud. So not small. Some times you have to go with the gut.
 Reply by: stratfish      Posted: 11/18/2017 11:39:01 AM     Points: 200    
Thanks for all the input guys! Appreciate the knowledge share... especially Bill sharing source of some affordable streamers. **THX!!**

@suckermeat - what size were those snails?

@Freestone --> I wasn't trying to imply anything negative about people driving a great distance to fish S. Park. My apologies if it came across that way. I trying to say just the opposite - how in my narrow-mindedness I didn't understand why someone would pass up my regular fishing holes much closer to C. Sprgs to get to S. Park... but now I get it! I didn't understand because I didn't know the reward for the effort.
I've spent the past 15 years fly fishing waters close to home and just now discovered I've had blinders on and been living in a box. My thinking has flipped 180 degrees from "I won't drive that far to fish." to now thinking "If I knock off work early I can get up there in time to fish the late afternoon bite!" I'm ready to make the "long" drive for just a couple hours of fishing.

In my 4 trips to Antero N. Shore I've fished alongside folks from Denver, Pueblo and Huerfano County (3 hrs away from Antero) so have grown grateful at only having a 90 minute trip to the water.

Speaking of being grateful...