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Lake: Dillon Reservoir
Fish: Arctic Char

New State Record

Post By: Fordo      Posted: 11/7/2017 9:45:20 AM     Points: 67    
Please visit and like Alpine Fishing Adventures facebook page for more information about the State Record catch and the most up to date info on the up and coming Ice conditions on the Snake River Inlet.
 Reply by: wingman13      Posted: 11/7/2017 9:48:08 AM     Points: 806    
Pretty fish right there!
 Reply by: Fish4Colorado      Posted: 11/7/2017 10:30:00 AM     Points: 1261    
Good job! Who knows when it'll be beaten as a record again. I don't have a facebook and never will. Post it on twitter too.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 11/7/2017 11:55:25 AM     Points: 13624    
Very cool but they can get a lot bigger than that.
 Reply by: Fordo      Posted: 11/7/2017 12:18:08 PM     Points: 67    
SGM, in due time they will be more common to catch in the 5 to 15 pound range from Lake Dillon. The state record may begin to be broken almost every year from here on out due to a small, but big enough population of six to nine year old fish that are now in the 18 to 20 inch range. These fish are naturally reproducing and should create a stronghold up keeping the population from here on out. With catch and release protection on fish under 20, and endless mysis shrimp forage, nothing is going to stop these fish from growing. they are really slow growers so we're talking ten years before there is lots of legit fish in the reservoir, making it worth it for guys to really target them.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 11/7/2017 1:31:54 PM     Points: 13624    
Fordo, that will be great see 10 pound char out of Dillion. Best I have done is about 10-12 inches.
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: 11/7/2017 1:45:11 PM     Points: 24249    
Nice job Fordo Good to see sizeable fish showing up in Dillon.
 Reply by: fishinwfoos      Posted: 11/7/2017 8:43:45 PM     Points: 105    
That would be cool if that fish was one of the ones my family stocked in 06/07 in remembrance of my brother Matt. That's a really nice fish.
 Reply by: Fordo      Posted: 11/8/2017 5:55:38 AM     Points: 67    
fishinwfoos, can you email at I want to get a little info from you if you dont mind?
 Reply by: fishinwfoos      Posted: 11/8/2017 9:10:00 AM     Points: 105    
Email sent Buddy
 Reply by: RPG      Posted: 11/8/2017 9:44:50 PM     Points: 8637    

Thanks to you and your family for such a wonderful memorial.
 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: 11/9/2017 8:34:06 PM     Points: 253    
so awesome...itd be amazing if in 10 years we have runs of 10lb char up the rivers! just imagine...
 Reply by: zfeeshmin      Posted: 11/14/2017 2:46:40 PM     Points: 0    
terrible photo
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: 11/14/2017 3:47:23 PM     Points: 682    
Nice fish and a pretty blonde. Whats terrible about that????
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 11/14/2017 4:40:43 PM     Points: 58210    
that's awesome Fordo. Never seen one with those colors, it's beautiful.

YD - you should know that's a troll post.. ignore it!
 Reply by: Wilbur Rednbacker      Posted: 11/14/2017 6:15:40 PM     Points: 2079    
Do they fight pretty hard?
 Reply by: brookieflyfisher      Posted: 11/14/2017 8:28:04 PM     Points: 6133    
Big ups to the CPW and the CSU researchers that made this possible

 Reply by: Fordo      Posted: 11/15/2017 4:24:29 AM     Points: 67    
wilber, most of the fish we catch are between 12 and 16 inches, they fight like any other trout or salmon in that range, The fish that are above 18 inches are pretty strong and fight similar to lake trout .In the spring right after ice off is when they are the most robust. Through the ice, the bigger ones thrash really hard once you get them under the hole.

3wayfisha, its very possible we will see 10 pound fish in the Tenmile and Blue someday. Dillon has a GAZILLION little kokanee, Now that we have higher populations of Char over 20 inches we may see some faster growers because they will effectively be able to prey on the salmon . Once a Char starts hitting on kokanee consistently, growth rates will increase, and they will get big relatively fast.

The CPW did a great job with the stocking program from 2007 to 2013 and through support from a awesome dude named Doug Silver, CSU/Devin Olsen has been able to give us more data about the Arctic Char in Dillon than we have about pretty much any species in any other body of water up here in the mountains.
If your a fish biology guy, you should try and get your hands on Devin Olsens thesis. Its fascinating, extensive, and very well done. Id even let you use my copy if you promised to give it back!

check out the colors on these fish
 Reply by: Fordo      Posted: 11/15/2017 7:16:07 AM     Points: 67    
Here you go Yard Dogs, a few more pretty ones for ya,

And more food for the troll
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: 11/15/2017 9:10:32 AM     Points: 682    
Very nice looking ... fish....

Those are some sweet catches!
 Reply by: Fish4Colorado      Posted: 11/15/2017 9:55:43 AM     Points: 1261    
Beautiful coloration on those chars.
 Reply by: redleader      Posted: 11/15/2017 10:04:38 AM     Points: 557    
Nice Dolly's
 Reply by: Fordo      Posted: 11/15/2017 1:11:46 PM     Points: 67    
redleader, you are incorrect, THIS is a Dolly.

 Reply by: Fordo      Posted: 11/15/2017 2:24:02 PM     Points: 67    
On this post about the state record, I need to give a big shout out to Jon Ewert the fisheries biologist for lake Dillon, In the past, on the internet, I have openly spoke up about my thoughts on the strategy by Jon and the CPW to manage lake trout at the other nearby reservoirs, I have openly disagreed with Jon and the CPW on Lake trout predation and the lack of protection at our reserviors for trophy lake trout. I even have whined about the Arctic Char not being angler friendly and criticized the decision to stock them at Dillon vs just easily stocking Lake Trout. I still hope for and will advocate for changes in our regulations that protect big lake trout. But I want to give credit where credit is due. At Dillon, Jon has adapted with the ecosystem and over the last several years tweeked the stocking strategy in several ways on the Arctic Char, fingerling Rainbow Trout, and Catch able Hoffer/Cut and Hoffer Rainbow Trout that seem to be able to hold over in Dillon. He placed highly protective regulations on the Arctic char, and it all has resulted in a huge change for the better at Lake Dillon. He has caused a big rebound for the Brown trout fishing, made it easier for people to get a nice tug through the ice and during the summer on catchable rainbow trout, and has put in place a viable fishing opportunity for these Arctic Char both through the ice and on the open water.
 Reply by: redleader      Posted: 11/15/2017 3:46:38 PM     Points: 557    
Yes hats off to Jon Ewert.

Reminds of the time 4 or 5 years ago he told me he was worried about Granby due to the high population of eater size Lake trout.
I told him that that was a good thing and he needed to worry more about places that people Don't want to fish at (like the wasted Reservoir) in lieu of ones they do.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 11/19/2017 5:23:51 PM     Points: 1816    
Hi Fordo - I just noticed that your fish and the lady in it have made national news front page: [log in for link] today has that very same photo - I recognized it. Congrats.
 Reply by: JKaboom      Posted: 11/19/2017 5:57:23 PM     Points: 4565    
Well done Fordo :)
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: 11/19/2017 6:17:13 PM     Points: 2332    
Congrats R, good job!
 Reply by: Fordo      Posted: 11/20/2017 3:24:20 AM     Points: 67    
There is a lot to be said about a smart, good looking blonde holding a record breaking fish. Some of the comments on that fox news article are insane! Fox news should not let children read them!
And for some reason they left out Alpine Fishing Adventures and the fact they were on a guided trip. At first I was really upset. But the more I thought about it and read some of those comments, maybe it's a good thing. My service is all about family friendly fishing, not trophy or bucket list fishing for the Arctic Char specifically . I don't want the pressure of having to put someone on a arctic char every trip. My bread and butter customers are happy with a nice boat ride and a couple of 10 inch stockers. Maybe some one will want to come along and be the guide on Dillon that charges $350 per person, has all the sponsors ,TV shows and is the man. Whoever it is will have the luxury of at least having some access to some knowledge on how to get the Char as I continue to let the cat out of the bag on my live feeds on facebook etc. My businesses has been successful because I recognized right away that I didn't need to try and be that guy. It's why kids 10 and under his free, my main goal is for the kids to get a bend in the rod, teach non fishing parents how to facilitate fishing for their children who are born fisherman, and why I run a family sized pontoon boat. My trips start at $150 bucks.
My locations, skills and knowledge of Arctic Char, are something that has taken me since 2010 to learn. Its been a lot of fun going into a situation that is so new and taking the challenge of cracking the nut on how to consistently catch the nicer Char in the lake. With no tips or intell from other fisherman, and no how to info off the internet or publications, It has made for a fun and interesting puzzle to solve. Up till now i have been apprehensive and have tried to walk a fine line. For my business i did need to showcase some Char, but i didn't want to reveal that you can actually catch some legit fish pretty consistently both through the ice, and in the open water. They are an up and coming population that didn't need the pressure. But ultimately I figured that the fish were put there for others to enjoy. Why not be the guy that initiates a lot fun and enjoyment for others to catch these rare and beautiful fish to enjoy for many years to come.
I was all bent at first when I saw the national news did not mention Alpine Fishing Adventures on the front page story. But I know If I just try and keep giving out the positive fishing vibes to my customers, perpetuate the sport with young people, and help others benefit from the awesome sport of fishing, it will keep working for me. And I shouldn't need recognition on national news and tons of inquiries about the Arctic Char to make my guide service work .

 Reply by: Fish4Colorado      Posted: 11/20/2017 7:44:35 AM     Points: 1261    
As someone that is a consultant in networks and systems. I can tell you if they posted a link or even mentioned your guiding service your website would have crashed, due to the amount of traffic that would have accessed the site, so it's not a bad thing.

If you read the comments and notice people asking who the guide was or what company, you can chime in the comments section and say it was Alpine Fishing Adventures. Hope you get a tone of business this year and a wonderful 2018 brother!
 Reply by: RPG      Posted: 11/20/2017 8:40:53 AM     Points: 8637    
Channel 31 reports on the new record Char:

[log in for link]

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