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Lake: Cherry Creek Reservoir
Fish: Rainbow Trout

A pleasant morning at Cherry Creek

Post By: ErieOriginal      Posted: 9/30/2017 12:48:02 PM     Points: 63    
Going fishing is nomally fun, but this morning was great. It's always pleasant to meet good people and share fishing stories when your standing at the shoreline. A nice guy gave me some nightcrawlers today. Thanks! A bald eagle flew overhead a few times. Catching five trout was a bonus.
 Reply by: opencage      Posted: 10/1/2017 8:35:06 PM     Points: 139570    
Sounds like a great morning, and thanks for the report!
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: 10/1/2017 9:59:18 PM     Points: 3829    
Cherry Creek can produce some decent trout in the fall some years and some years not so much. Sounds like you did OK thanks for sharing.