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Lake: Blue Mesa Reservoir


Post By: Curtybob      Posted: 8/24/2017 5:51:54 PM     Points:    
Any tips on where to find the perch? We are heading down there this weekend and would love some tips. Thanks
 Reply by: IceFishingFool      Posted: 8/24/2017 7:17:09 PM     Points: 7410    
Only tip I can give you is 14 feet or less
 Reply by: ratherbefishing      Posted: 8/25/2017 3:22:22 AM     Points: 105    
havent been there much myself but if their like other perch is most lakes then you should find em schooled up near shallow weed beds with sandy bottom and rock piles
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 8/25/2017 7:36:30 AM     Points: 4829    
Like most lakes with good perch fishing you will be hard pressed to find anyone who will give up their spots. The info that has been provided is good advice. I'll add in small jigs tipped with worm or gulp minnows.