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Lake: Elaine T. Valente Open Space

Elaine T. Valente update?

Post By: T Blaze      Posted: 8/15/2017 10:49:32 AM     Points: 0    
Has anyone fished any of the three ponds here recently? Hit the West pain this morning for about 3 hours. Tried topwater for about half of that. Not a single bite. But it looks like what appear to be bass jumping all over the place? Going to try the North Pond tomorrow. If anybody has fished here recently or has any tips or lures that they've had success with, it would be much appreciated.
 Reply by: alanlf5280      Posted: 8/15/2017 10:54:21 AM     Points: 393    
The west pond is tough. Shallow and overrun with carp. Try top water in the evenings on the east pond. Crank baits, spinnerbaits and shad imitation lures are my goto. Soft plastics along the bottom are always good this time of year as well. Good luck!
 Reply by: T Blaze      Posted: 8/15/2017 11:00:53 AM     Points: 0    
I apologize, I totally meant East pond. The one closest to the parking lot. I had actually read that the westpond was shallow and overrun. But thank you for the tips. Catch any hogs out of there? And which pond better North or east?
 Reply by: alanlf5280      Posted: 8/15/2017 11:11:32 AM     Points: 393    
Both can be productive. Just need to figure out what they want and on what day. I haven't caught any hogs recently. Just the typical 6"-12" bass this year.
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