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Lake: Blue Mesa Reservoir
Fish: Lake Trout

Any tips on depth??

Post By: malty falcon      Posted: 8/14/2017 3:58:09 PM     Points: 4710    
I am meeting up with some OG's at Blue Mesa tomorrow afternoon for two full days of fishing. They will have already found the Kokanees, I'm sure.
They've asked me to help them find either Lakers or Perch. I have a few spots that don't work too well this year.

Have any of you had ANY success with lakers this summer at Blue Mesa? We plan on drifting, jigging tubes and whole suckers if the fish are still deep. I think Mac Point is around 60 feet deep now, and my other spots are 40-60 feet deep. Any suggestions or depth ranges are greatly appreciated!
 Reply by: MAC ATTACK      Posted: 8/15/2017 9:06:21 AM     Points: 25897    
one tip I would give is:

1. If you have located the kokanee. Look under the school on the sonar for large lake trout feeding on that school. You will see the larger marks below the schools.

2. you can either jig for them or troll under the schools.

large Lakers follow those schools and attack from the cooler water below.

I apply this tactic early in the morning, starting well before sunrise. In my experience. The kokanee schools tend to decrease in size after the sun rises.

Just match the hatch
 Reply by: Kokanee Bro      Posted: 8/15/2017 9:08:43 AM     Points: 239    
I did see a guy pull in a good sized laker while jigging for kokes a few years ago.... makes sense
 Reply by: elkinthebag      Posted: 8/15/2017 9:40:45 AM     Points: 2114    
Malty e mail me if you can I got some stuff I won't share over the web
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: 8/16/2017 10:15:39 AM     Points: 650    
I am planning on finally getting the boat out and jigging some lakers over Labor Day weekend with the family. Been far too long without a laker on the end of my line. If you find a good depth on them I would love to know what you found...
 Reply by: bigmack      Posted: 8/16/2017 9:16:36 PM     Points: 48    
Starting well before sunrise? What time does the boat ramp open or is your boat in a slip?
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: 8/18/2017 10:36:28 AM     Points: 4710    
Sorry I missed your post, Just back from 2 days of boating.

All the bumperboats were at Ironworks, it was beautiful! No breeze early in the day. But we just couldn't get in the groove with jigging--bright yellow 2 oz jig at 80 feet was only rig that worked. Some folks had it down, especially yhe guides in pontoons seemed to have the technique figured out. Later we trolled up a few on leadcore around 20 feet down.

Kept seeing perch on the sonar, usually too deep to try for. Travelled up to ramp in Soap Creed, marked LOTS of fish, couldn't buy a bite with the whole tacklebox! Rescued some guy who was almost on the rocks Wednesday afternnon, towed him 5 miles back to Lake Fork Marina.

Alll the bridges are sitting very close to the water, and our BIG boat with bimini barely made it under--I'm sure the big pontoons aren't gonna make it!

We tried for the lakers both days, but got shut out. Managed a few browns and rainbows as well as a few kokanee. Weather was splendid, malt beverages plentiful, and the fraternity was very good. Next summer trip, we're going to get a guide for Jim's boat- he has all the gear needed, but needs to get the techniques down a little better. It's a 24" deck boat, so a bit challenging to fish from and control, but super comfy in all conditions.