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Lake: Monument Lake (El Paso County)
Fish: Bluegill

New found love for Bluegill.

Post By: Bubba02STi      Posted: 8/8/2017 10:06:23 PM     Points: 515    
If you have read any of my past few threads you will have noticed a few things
1: The bluegill population in Monument has gotten a bit crazy and has been kinda irritating.
2: I've picked up fly fishing

So to the suggestions from several members here I should just hang up on my spin gear and focus on getting better at flies. So that is exactly what I have done. Spin gear and tackle box out of the car and stored away in the garage. Replaced with fly rod and pack. Lately I have been doing well with nymphing the rivers and have begun to use the fly rod on the lakes as well. So today I decided I was going to go fish Monument. It's a Tuesday. It's 9 am. It shouldn't be busy. I was right, it wasn't. I had plenty of shore line to pace back and forth to try and catch fish. I went there with the frame of mind of catching trout and maybe trying for a bass or two. So I started nymphing the weed bed on the north end of the lake. Nothing. Moved down the shore a bit and caught a bluegill. Great. Bluegill. I'm sick and tired of bluegill. Lately that is all my son and I have caught there minus a few trout here and there. We're talking probably a 10:1 here. Then I started thinking (Yeah I know right! Wasn't too sure I was capable of such tasks.) I know exactly were the bluegill are. How far apart the schools are, how far out and how deep. Well I then felt like I needed to work on catching using dry flies. What do bluegill eat? ANYTHING. So I set up a rig with a rainbow warrior and a trico. Off came the split shot. Down the line the indicator went. Now today was a perfect day. Very light winds and you could still see the fish raising. It didn't take long before all the youtube videos, tips from members here and the previous experiences started to kick in. I started catching fish. After a while the indicator came back to about a foot off fly line and I was able to focus on the fish rising and taking the fly. After a brief rain storm and running off to get lunch I returned to the lake and started to experiment. What exactly will, and will not, a bluegill take? Well, I never found out that answer today. I ended up getting tired of changing out flies and tying knots over and over again, so I went back to RW/Trico and RW/Parachute Adams combos for the rest of the day. It was nice having the lake nearly myself. Only a handful of people were there. Met this nice gentleman and we talked through out the day and at this point I had probably pulled out 20 or so bluegill. He had mentioned that he had caught a pike there the other day and he was fishing for another one today. He wasn't having any luck with his lures and since I was pulling out these bluegill why not hand some over for him to use as bait. "I'll fish the bluegill, you fish the pike" lol Nice guy. If you're on here btw thanks for the good day fishing! Next thing I know it's 8 pm and the sun has set. I am still waist deep in the water and its getting a bit chilly. Remember how much hate bluegill. After today I remember why they can be so much fun to fish for. Took me right back to being a kid again, with no clue in the world with what I was doing and that same excitement with catching that sharp finned bastard that I learned to love. So I ended my day with 30+ bluegill ranging in sizes that would put the kids smallest catch of the year to shame to some decent sized ones as well, a perch or two, all my flies, including the ones that had probably been chomped on a few too many times, and a new friend, who as I was leaving I gave him one last fish to use as bait. It was a great day.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 8/9/2017 12:20:30 PM     Points: 8993    
Bubba . . .I got a bluegill place that has BIG GILLS and has been a great tool for helping make fishing junkies out of my friends kids. After a trip to that place,every kid is ready for the boat and some real action. I almost feel like I'm cheating,by taking them there.
 Reply by: frydaddy      Posted: 8/24/2017 5:46:44 PM     Points: 304    
Boyd has huge bluegills
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