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Lake: Platoro Reservoir

Camping near Platoro

Post By: kottob      Posted: 6/26/2017 12:20:33 PM     Points: 159    
Looking to take a camping trip here in the next few weeks. Anyone have any info on the camping situation? Wondering if there is any dispersed camping near the reservoir or you can camp next to the reservoir itself. Any info would be useful. Thanks
 Reply by: navacito      Posted: 6/26/2017 12:27:09 PM     Points: 66
I don't think you can camp at lake, there is dispersed downstream of the meadow stretch, west side of road.
 Reply by: wildtrouter      Posted: 6/26/2017 1:10:31 PM     Points: 150
There is dispersed camping in the Conejos Valley, but they aren't anywhere near Platoro. When we go down that way, we always get a reservation and stay at the Lake Fork campground. there is absolutely no dispersed camping along the Conejos on the road to Platoro. I highly recommend hitting up some of the smaller lakes in the area. This is a great place to camp and fish....just a real bummer it takes soooo long to get there from the metro.
 Reply by: wildtrouter      Posted: 6/26/2017 1:46:40 PM     Points: 150
I take that back....there is small area for dispersed camping just below the Narrows......I want to say enough for two three groups. Just wanted to get the right info to you.
 Reply by: navacito      Posted: 6/26/2017 2:02:12 PM     Points: 66
Approximately 12 miles below the dam, or the first left turn after the pinnacles guard rail, .6 miles from the end of guard rail going north is a large dispersed campground as seen in the photo. Room for probably a dozen groups, roads little bumpy but plenty of room for trailers. And its a great thing it takes soooo long to get there from the metro
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