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Lake: Union Reservoir

Greedy Union Res

Post By: tub      Posted: 6/26/2017 7:33:35 AM     Points: 105    
Did anyone try to fish union on Saturday? Had an annual pass and was told to "pay $10 or turn around" because the annual pass that was paid for wasn't valid just for that day because there was a company that had a party/boat race. Total BS. I think if you were attending the party then make them pay the $10, not the anglers that spent money for an annual pass just to fish. If you ask me, city of Longmont is being greedy in that department, not to mention that their park rangers there are a joke as well.
 Reply by: Killerfihser      Posted: 6/26/2017 8:23:10 AM     Points: 1576
They are greedy forsure, but that is f'ed up if you have a season pass and still charging you for entrance fee. If it wasn't so close to home and the fishing wasn't so good I'd stayed away forsure. Union has been pretty good so far this year so I can't complain.
 Reply by: jshanko      Posted: 6/26/2017 9:38:49 AM     Points: 13158
Sorry to hear of your bad experience with Union, if you have a pass paid for the year it should be enough. I've fished this lake for many years during the week, I try to not go on the weekends though, its such a zoo, a free for all with no rules enforced.
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