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Fish: Arctic Grayling

what a trip(steamboat lake)

Post By: tube m      Posted: 6/25/2017 5:19:22 PM     Points: 182    
I went to steamboat lake Friday evening. when I got there around 6. all the campgrounds were full. ended up camping around hahns peak. so I drove to hahns peak lake around 7. campers everywhere. but just a few kids fishing. trout were rising everywhere. I ended up catching four(10-12") heard a couple of halfway decent splashes. started off Saturday at pearl lake. I tried a couple of spots with no luck. 3rd spot was the spot! I ended up catching 2cutthroats(12&15) and 7grayling(12-14") jigging a kastmaster. after the second grayling I barbed my hooks. it was easy releasing after that. the bite stopped so I tried a couple more areas with no luck. drove to steamboat lake around 10. I ended up tearing it up on bait. marshmallows! I caught around 8 rainbows and cuttbows. most were hard fighting 15-18 inchers!i told myself if a trout swallowed the hook I would keep it. all lip hooks! all good! maybe next around 300 the temp outside was over 80. the bite stopped. tried pearl again later with no luck. there were tons of people up there. most weren't fishing. but they were kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing and hiking everywhere. they are doing work on the dam at steamboat lake. sage flats day use area is closed. iwill post some pics from my phone after I post this.