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Lake: Taylor Park Reservoir

Fun Catching the Big Ones

Post By: cohuntr      Posted: 6/16/2017 10:50:47 PM     Points: 104    
Caught several stocker trout, but the big Lakers were still coming in shallow to feed. I hooked several and broke off a few, but managed to land a nice 30 plus inch, 20 plus lb Laker on cut sucker meat. Rigged the same way as I do for big cats - loose drag, wait for the pull/click of the reel, set the drag, wind down and swing for the fences. I gave this big one a kiss, took pics, made sure to revive her and left her to swim again. Too much fun!
 Reply by: jman      Posted: 6/16/2017 11:01:14 PM     Points: 2244    
Congrats man beautiful fish. and now you havegave someone else the chance to have the same rush you did thanks for the release.
 Reply by: riper69      Posted: 6/17/2017 6:30:02 AM     Points: 4330    
Nice fish nice picture nice release
 Reply by: Neyet Stalker      Posted: 6/17/2017 7:26:34 AM     Points: 9298    
Very nice!
 Reply by: Digginjiggin      Posted: 6/17/2017 7:51:37 AM     Points: 246    
Excellent catch and nice release! Taylor has been fishing well for bigger lakers this spring. Congrats!
 Reply by: CACHEM ALL      Posted: 6/17/2017 8:24:21 AM     Points: 204    
WOW! What a nice laker. Way to go.Great pic too.
 Reply by: Whiskerhunter      Posted: 6/17/2017 11:05:04 AM     Points: 457    
Nice pic. Congrats on the CPR and THANKS!!
 Reply by: cookster      Posted: 6/17/2017 11:37:32 AM     Points: 59338    
That's a nice one. Congrats

That's quite the accomplishment to land that big fish from shore. Whole different ballgame in shallow water,
 Reply by: Nittany Lion      Posted: 6/17/2017 12:19:17 PM     Points: 269    
4 of us fished Taylor on Wedneday from a boat with tube jigs and sucker meat. We caught 3 small ones all day so pretty pathetic. Maybe fishing with a sinker and hook with sucker meat is the way to do it? Nice fish.
 Reply by: riper69      Posted: 6/17/2017 7:52:08 PM     Points: 4330    
Catch alot of Lakers at granby that way but nothing that big
 Reply by: sickws6      Posted: 6/20/2017 3:45:28 PM     Points: 574    
Awesome fish, Way to release that trophy.. THANK YOU
 Reply by: LTC Deano      Posted: 6/21/2017 8:24:57 AM     Points: 155    
Nice fish, way to go, never fished that reservoir before, but I'm going to start. Thanks for the pic.

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