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River: Blue River (Below Dillon Res)

Blue River after stocking

Post By: mckinzie      Posted: 6/16/2017 1:39:09 PM     Points: 14    
Quick video of the Blue River, under the I-70 over pass, right after the CPW trucks left. This was a couple months ago, and the run off has sent most of these fish downstream, so please don't beat me up for posting this.



 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 6/16/2017 2:11:28 PM     Points: 73044
here ya go. in the future just remove the s from https

[log in for link]
 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: 6/16/2017 2:37:56 PM     Points: 411
those look like bigger than normal stocker size...I thought they quit stocking broods?

(or am I mistaken?)
 Reply by: MALLEN      Posted: 6/17/2017 9:56:06 PM     Points: 44
sad that a once great river has to be stocked with bigger fish...... Instead of answering the call to improve the fishery as a whole.
 Reply by: Freestone303      Posted: 6/19/2017 9:37:38 AM     Points: 458
Im pretty sure it has been stocked with big fish for a long, long time.

That said, I used to be able to catch quality fish quite a ways downstream of town, but the last few times I went (a few years ago) were a bust with no signs of life at all.
 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: 6/19/2017 10:25:48 AM     Points: 411
I know historically it had been stocked with large fish butI remember talk last year of them stopping the stocking of broods..guess thats not the case then huh
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