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Lake: River's Edge and Jayhawker Ponds


Post By: Backslide      Posted: 4/16/2017 6:30:55 PM     Points: 0    
Went here last weekend and had really good luck off the bottom with power bait. I tried 3 different types of hooks and 90 percent of the hooks where swallowed. I felt bad because kids were there and Girlfriend and I caught 9 total fish 7 can I avoid this I used circle hooks bigger hooks faster rod tugs we definitely don't want to be pulling 7 trout out of this lake every time we go and won't be back for a they stock these ponds regularly and any tips on other great little places like this? I definitely don't wanna keep these fish I want them to get bigger. I don't need or want any bashing it's not my intention to purposefully kill a fish.
 Reply by: Niko12      Posted: 4/16/2017 7:39:05 PM     Points: 453    
Use artificial lures or flies not bait. Rooster tales or kastmasters are great relatively cheap spinners. I have caught just as many fish on these as I have on bait, and it's a lot more fun. Using artificials will greatly reduce the amount of fish you accidentally kill.
 Reply by: Mr. Fly Fisherman      Posted: 4/16/2017 7:53:42 PM     Points: 154    
Trout will inhail powerbait and gut it most of the time. I found setting the hook later than sooner allows to fish to figure out it's not food. The fish won't have it down there throat and will allow you to hook them in the lip. The hook up ratio is lower when you do this. Another way to avoid this is mash the barb down and the hook will come out easy even if they gut it.
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: 4/16/2017 8:18:09 PM     Points: 2419    
All good suggestions for pinching down the barbs and using artificial lures and flies. I would also recommend a hook removal tool to assist you in removing a hook without doing as much damage as you would without one. There are several different types and sizes.That, and handling the fish as carefully and as little as possible. Not bashing...just suggesting.
 Reply by: Backslide      Posted: 4/16/2017 8:50:43 PM     Points: 0    
Tend to use pliers to get hooks out, never thought about pushing barb down but will also try that. I ran up to pinewood this weekend also had zero luck there. Hit Arapaho Bend Area in FTC today and again got nothing. I'm finding it's hard to find very good fishing spots up in this area that isn't swarmed with people and everyone is secretive about little spots. Pinewood wasn't swarmed but water was very low and nothing happening for anyone.
 Reply by: riper69      Posted: 4/17/2017 9:37:06 AM     Points: 1246    
Barbless hooks are the best thing. If the fishing is non stop action hold the pole in your hand instead of putting it down.
Or lures are the way to go. Kastmasters, panther martins, blues fox, crocodiles and dare devils are a few good lures to start with.
 Reply by: dallasdb      Posted: 4/17/2017 10:38:01 AM     Points: 206    
Pinewood gets a decent amount of pressure.

When I have used dough bait I leave a little slack in the line so it droops down under my rod when in the holder and I pay attention to any movement and set the hook.

If you are quick you can get them in the lip.