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Fish: Saugeye

Beast of a SaugEye

Post By: Neyet Stalker      Posted: 4/8/2017 3:29:30 PM     Points: 8888    
Crushed the lure and straightened one of the treble hooks. Luckily the other treble held up. Two giant Saugs in less than a week!
 Reply by: fom      Posted: 4/8/2017 3:51:35 PM     Points: 6154    
Awesome !!
 Reply by: elkinthebag      Posted: 4/8/2017 4:15:46 PM     Points: 2088    
Dang another nice beast
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 4/8/2017 4:38:32 PM     Points: 63847    
Really nice man!
 Reply by: spicyhombre      Posted: 4/8/2017 5:43:15 PM     Points: 6123    
Awesome catch!
 Reply by: River_FlyFisher      Posted: 4/8/2017 7:15:50 PM     Points: 1926    
And THAT is why they call him the Night Stalker!!! Lol! Congrats James!!!
 Reply by: Neyet Stalker      Posted: 4/9/2017 10:12:29 AM     Points: 8888    
Thank you!

Went fishless last night.
 Reply by: Whiskerhunter      Posted: 4/9/2017 10:30:44 AM     Points: 1030    
Monster for sure Night Stalker. Congrats!!