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Lake: McCall Lake

New boating regs

Post By: bardkin      Posted: 4/5/2017 1:37:49 PM     Points: 3907    
Just stopped in at McCall earlier to check it out. Saw a shiny new sign at the parking area- carry on-non motorized boats are now aloud!
 Reply by: jshanko      Posted: 4/5/2017 4:02:08 PM     Points: 14934
That's interesting, I always thought tubes, ect. were allowed, I've seen tubers out there for years, never thought they were abusing the rules.

Thanks bardkin for the info.
 Reply by: dallasdb      Posted: 4/5/2017 4:12:45 PM     Points: 206
Tubes ≠ Boats
 Reply by: Longfish      Posted: 4/5/2017 8:44:22 PM     Points: 350
^^^almost but not really lol
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