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Lake: Chatfield Reservoir
River: South Platte - Waterton Canyon
Fish: Longnose Sucker

Spawning suckers

Post By: trouty      Posted: 3/25/2017 2:07:00 PM     Points: 236    
Curious if any suckers have been spotted in the south platte south of Chatfield doing their "thang" yet?
 Reply by: Kithme      Posted: 3/25/2017 7:26:27 PM     Points: 702
Found some last weekend. Went by again Thursday and the pool was empty. I didn't realize they moved out that fast.
 Reply by: trouty      Posted: 3/25/2017 7:32:46 PM     Points: 236
Interesting...I heard they were making their way into the river. Checked it out this morning and just like you said, didn't see any! Not sure if they're just starting or just finishing up. Hope I didn't miss it.
 Reply by: River_FlyFisher      Posted: 3/25/2017 9:47:41 PM     Points: 3128
There were TONS of them in there on Wednesday afternoon!!! Could hardly keep them off the line while trying for Trout with the fly rod.

PS - Those are White Suckers, not Longnose Sucker.
 Reply by: trouty      Posted: 3/26/2017 7:28:27 AM     Points: 236
Sounds like I missed them...hopefully have enough to get me through the year. Didn't see white on the drop down menu when I posted...I do see them now, thanks for the info!
 Reply by: Budha      Posted: 4/6/2017 5:39:19 PM     Points: 172
Sounds like the suckers were getting illegally netted out of the river. Since the culprit(s) was caught and cited, additional suckers may have made there way back in the river doing their thing. Not sure why they were netting when it's so easy to catch them with a SJ Worm.
 Reply by: manitoid      Posted: 4/8/2017 10:29:20 PM     Points: 0
Coming in today the ranger said they were catching them by the hundreds in the last few days.
 Reply by: Faking the funk fisherman      Posted: 4/12/2017 1:12:48 AM     Points: 24
Smoked fools eating smoked suckers?
 Reply by: trouty      Posted: 4/12/2017 6:09:04 AM     Points: 236
Yeah, I'm eating them...smh! If you've never had them you should seriously try it out :)
 Reply by: cis429      Posted: 4/12/2017 8:18:38 AM     Points: 65
If anyone has any extra suckers I'd be happy to take them for laker bait.


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