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Lake: Taylor Park Reservoir
Fish: Lake Trout

Taylor Park Res Minus 17 Degrees

Post By: johnski      Posted: 3/3/2017 8:11:42 AM     Points: 2700    
Decided to get an early 5:00 am start from Monte Vista and try to hit the am bite. When I arrived at 8:00 it was minus 17 but NO WIND! Bad news was 6 inches on new snow and NO snowmobiles to pack it, meant for a hard pull of the sled down and back out. So if you got off track, you broke through a foot of snow. Anyway, bite was slow but steady. Iced 6 lakers in 6 hours and was REALLY slow 11:00 to 2:30. But inside the hut (guys without are really missing out) it rose to a balmy comfortable temp and it was like sitting in the living room! To the fella who was worried about ice thaw, Taylor should be good for a while yet! Good luck and enjoy these last hard water daze!
 Reply by: badextracab      Posted: 3/3/2017 8:41:50 AM     Points: 74    
75 degrees in SD.. surfing an in short's... haha -)
 Reply by: johnski      Posted: 3/3/2017 8:49:57 AM     Points: 2700    
But how is the ice fishing?
 Reply by: Artsy      Posted: 3/3/2017 9:02:27 AM     Points: 309    
Hey Johnski,
What's the word on Sanchez? Are they gonna open it soon? And if so, do you know if there will be any Pike in it??
 Reply by: Beto33      Posted: 3/3/2017 11:00:38 AM     Points: 60    
being on foot, did you stay close to the ramp?
 Reply by: johnski      Posted: 3/4/2017 7:13:42 PM     Points: 2700    
I got out about 125 yards from shore. In 39 FOW. Believe me it was a trudge. Then the out was all uphill, with no hard pack, whew....had a sweat worked up. I love this lake tho. I had an echo at my jig that looked like a submarine, much bigger than the usual 18 inch laker. I figured it was the monster I seek, but he swam on after a look. Keeps me coming back.

Re Sanchez, I will post there with some info you will want to read.
 Reply by: bratfish      Posted: 3/4/2017 8:14:24 PM     Points: 1090    
kudos to you, sounds like a hard walk.