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Fish: Blue Catfish

OK Bluecat vacation

Post By: FISHRANGLER      Posted: 2/23/2017 7:17:01 AM     Points: 1689    
OlduncleMarty and myself went blue catting down on lake Texoma we're still here. So far it's been fun I have improved my best blue cat and Marty has caught many first blue cats and a monster too. We are having fun heading out again today trying a few new spots to get a couple more. Wish us luck
CPR your large cats
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: 2/23/2017 7:23:39 AM     Points: 7810
Looks like a good day to me, congrats on your big blue. I think you should stay there awhile longer, it's 29 degrees here with a high tomorrow of 30. Thanks for sharing.
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 2/23/2017 8:01:54 AM     Points: 78183
Yeah looks kinda ho hum to me lmao! Awesome cats gentleman!
 Reply by: esoxrocks      Posted: 2/23/2017 8:03:26 AM     Points: 2507
Have a great trip...looks like it's already a success.

Definitely extend if you can...its winter again up here.
 Reply by: cookster      Posted: 2/23/2017 8:08:40 AM     Points: 65118
Sweet cats guys. I'll be down there in 3 weeks at my place on the Texas side at paradise cove chasing those pigs.
 Reply by: phidoux      Posted: 2/23/2017 8:34:43 AM     Points: 8838
Dam nice cats guys. Giving Zakk Royce a run for his money at least you can catch them on more than one lake LOL.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 2/23/2017 8:36:45 AM     Points: 69608
congratulations guys
 Reply by: El Jefe      Posted: 2/23/2017 8:51:19 AM     Points: 303
Very impressive!
Congrats on the big blues!!!!!!
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 2/23/2017 9:36:24 AM     Points: 45076
Thats awesome guys! Congrats!
 Reply by: FISHRANGLER      Posted: 2/23/2017 10:05:28 AM     Points: 1689
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 2/23/2017 10:42:09 AM     Points: 20938
Wow, very nice. looks like a great time to me. Good luck on the rest of your trip.
 Reply by: phidoux      Posted: 2/23/2017 12:22:35 PM     Points: 8838
Congratulations on the keeper LOL. Keep it up love the fish porn.
Come on Marty You can't let Daris beat you.
 Reply by: fom      Posted: 2/23/2017 12:33:31 PM     Points: 8645
WTG Daris !
 Reply by: Trotline      Posted: 2/23/2017 12:53:44 PM     Points: 126
I will be there in three weeks but I will fish for stripers and crappie. I have caught some nice cats out of there but nothing that size.
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: 2/23/2017 1:18:12 PM     Points: 9003
G-G-G-G-GIANTS!!! Nice work fellas!
 Reply by: JOHN_COSprings      Posted: 2/23/2017 2:06:44 PM     Points: 640
Congrats to you both on your giant catches ! Well done and deserved !
 Reply by: ADub TT      Posted: 2/23/2017 6:19:45 PM     Points: 431
Very nice! Get cho A$$ in the water and noodle them kitty's up??!! 💪😫😱
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 2/23/2017 6:44:37 PM     Points: 78183
Keep posting that fish porn boys I love it!
 Reply by: JKaboom      Posted: 2/23/2017 7:11:19 PM     Points: 633
Very nice!
 Reply by: Budha      Posted: 2/23/2017 7:26:41 PM     Points: 171
Wow very impressive. Congrats on amazing catches!!
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 2/23/2017 7:43:38 PM     Points: 45076
When are you guys going to catch a big one? LOL
 Reply by: PikeD      Posted: 2/23/2017 8:44:31 PM     Points: 1655
Milford, KS has big blues too, but is colder than Texoma at this point in the year. If you like these photos hop down I-70 for some big fish. 7 hours from Denver. Lots of great guides to teach you the basics then go apply them yourself.
 Reply by: FISHRANGLER      Posted: 2/27/2017 7:19:51 AM     Points: 1689
Thank you guys I had a blast.
No nodding down there texoma has alligators now up to 12 feet. I never was interested in doing that anyway. All our fish were released and that kinda shocked the people we came into contact with. Lol
 Reply by: Toadfish      Posted: 2/27/2017 11:20:54 AM     Points: 3831
Nice cats Daris! I'm still interested in having you teach me how to cat, I've caught a couple but I'm looking to get into more. I'm very interested in "fryer size" vs. monsters but any tips are welcome! Glad you 2 had a good time!
 Reply by: heryantoch      Posted: 2/27/2017 2:48:58 PM     Points: 2556
Awesome fish! Enjoy your bluecat vacation! I bet it is a memorable one! Send us more pictures!
 Reply by: FISHRANGLER      Posted: 2/28/2017 8:20:08 AM     Points: 1689
No more large fish were caught but a few smaller 2 to 10 pounders or what the locals call "box fish" we released those to.
The main mission was to hook up with realtor and shop for a cabin I did buy a cabin. Marty is still looking for his own house on the lake.
 Reply by: El Jefe      Posted: 2/28/2017 9:10:22 AM     Points: 303
A cabin???!!!
Wo-hooooooo!!!!!!!! :-)
Now I've got a warm-water fishery to vacation at !!!!!

Seriously though, congrats on the cabin purchase Daris.
I know it's been a dream of yours for a long time.

(When can I get a key?)

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