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Lake: Vallecito Reservoir

Vallecito Ice?

Post By: Little D      Posted: 2/7/2017 4:23:36 PM     Points: 553    
I brought some ice gear down to Durango with me in hopes of trying to get out on the ice a couple times. Does anyone in the area have any reports on the ice?
 Reply by: fishscale      Posted: 2/7/2017 4:59:55 PM     Points: 203    
I don't have any first hand experience, but I do not think the ice is safe enough to ice fish.

There may be ice at the north end of the lake but we've had some warm weather recently and I would not recommend venturing out onto it.

Maybe try Haviland, big Molas, or Andrews up north, they would have a better chance of good ice, but I do not know for sure.

Bad year for ice fishing down here so far...
 Reply by: Little D      Posted: 2/7/2017 7:31:29 PM     Points: 553    
Thats a bummer bc I was really looking forward to going out and trying for pike... Oh well, thanks for your suggestions and response!
 Reply by: LastKast2010      Posted: 2/8/2017 7:53:24 AM     Points: 4241    
i would think with all the weather (warm) lately, i would stay off...