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Lake: Ralph Price Reservoir (Button Rock)
River: Saint Vrain - Ralph Price Reservoir to Lyons

Button Rock Forest Stewardship update

Post By: bardkin      Posted: 1/23/2017 2:19:46 PM     Points: 3907    
Whenever I see these press releases and so forth, I like to post them so others are aware. Pertains to Ralph Price a.k.a. Button Rock. The lake is closed to fishing from Oct31 - May 1st each year.

The update link is:
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In General:
The City of Longmont established a Forest Stewardship Plan and program in 2003. Since then the City has carried out a forest thinning treatment of approximately 80 acres every year. To date over 1,000 acres of forestland in Button Rock Preserve has been treated.

Forest thinning treatments are essential to keeping the Ponderosa pine forests of Button Rock Preserve healthy, and for reducing the risk of a severe wildfire that could threaten the high quality drinking water provided by the Preserve. Historically, regular low-intensity surface fires started by lightning would keep the forest open and prevent fuels from building up that could put the forest at risk for a more severe fire. Over the past one hundred years, however, these natural fires have not occurred and the forest now needs to be actively managed through thinning to maintain it in a healthy state. The past thirteen years of active management have helped to keep the forest healthy and provide for clean drinking water to the residents of Longmont.

The updated Forest Stewardship Plan builds on this decade of work, and further refines the management prescriptions based on current forest management practices and science. An extensive forest inventory carried out by the Colorado State Forest Service in Button Rock during the summer of 2016 also serves as the foundation for this updated plan. This plan will guide the ongoing forest stewardship program in Button Rock Preserve for the next ten to twenty years.

In addition, the updated Forest Stewardship Plan contains information on and a plan for creek restoration and recovery in response to the September 2013 floods.

Collecting Feedback
General Public

Button Rock Preserve is a public property that provides the majority of Longmont’s drinking water. It is also a favorite place for many folks across the region to hike, fish, and enjoy nature. As such, it is important that the public is aware of the Forest Stewardship Plan update and have the opportunity to voice their thoughts. A public consultation period is open through February 14, 2017, during which time comments are invited on the draft Forest Stewardship Plan.

Share your thoughts. Contact Keith Stagg by 2/14/2017
City Advisory Boards

During the public comment period, both the City of Longmont Water Board and Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will also be reviewing the plan and providing feedback.
Property Neighbors

Button Rock Preserve also adjoins other public lands including US Forest Service land and Boulder County Parks and Open Space properties, as well as several parcels of private lands. City staff is working directly with these neighbors to give them an opportunity to review and comment on the Forest Stewardship Plan.
Next Steps

The plan will be revised in late February and early March, 2017, based on comments received from all stakeholders. City staff will be available to present and discuss the plan at the Big Projects Open House on March 2, 2017. Once a revised draft is finalized, it will be sent to the Longmont City Council for official adoption.

Keith Stagg

Watershed & Wildlife Resiliency Coordinator
Operation Game Thief
Call to report illegal fishing/hunting:
Email CPW