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Lake: Seaman Reservoir

Fishing Below Seamans

Post By: lisaratts      Posted: 1/14/2017 10:36:33 AM     Points: 0    
Is there an area to see fishing conditions below Seamans? I did not see anything on the website, but am new to the site, so maybe I am looking in the wrong area. Not looking to fish Poudre, but the fish the stream coming out of the dam. WOndering if snow/ice prevail, if some water open so a dye hard flyfisherwoman can fish for a few hours. THank you!
 Reply by: spinn3r      Posted: 1/14/2017 12:43:09 PM     Points: 6220    
Welcome to the site, lisaratts.

Seaman Res was formed by damming the North Fork of the Poudre, and that is the "stream coming out of the dam." To my knowledge there is no separate conditions area for it, but usually they match the conditions of the Lower Poudre Canyon. There are exceptions, of course, which usually only occur if the water level in Seaman is being changed.

 Reply by: walleyeorbust      Posted: 1/14/2017 1:30:41 PM     Points: 823    
Yes it's the north fork of the pourdre. Been a couple years since I've fished it but I believe there is special restrictions, like fly only and catch and release in that section but I'm sure someone will chime in on that. That section tyipically has open water in spots and I have seen guys fly fishing it year round. Only locks up in the coldest of cold snap. Just checked yes to the restrictions above
 Reply by: the fishing dj      Posted: 1/14/2017 3:37:28 PM     Points: 25870    
Its technically a tailwater, so its open year round. I haven't fished it in about a month and a half, but for the most part typical tailwater bugs get the job done pretty well. I'd suggest getting up there early, as it gets busy quick.
 Reply by: FrostyDuck      Posted: 1/14/2017 10:38:58 PM     Points: 10    
I ice fished on seaman Friday and when I walked out I saw 4 or 5 guys fly fishing below the dam. It was all wide open below the dam but I didn't see any of the guys fly fishing catch anything. Only talked to two of them though.
 Reply by: lisaratts      Posted: 1/15/2017 10:40:35 AM     Points: 0    
Thanks guys! we ended up going up there (Below Seamans, N. Fork of Poudre) on Saturday. I expected a lot more snow / ice so didnt bring by fishing gear, my husband, on the other hand, did. Needless to say, fishing was great below the res (he let me use the fly rod a little so he could each lunch). Will head up there next friday with fishing gear in hand. Since I didnt fish much, I took the pooch and hiked and took a few pics of the area on 1/14/17 below. Enjoy. Thanks again!
 Reply by: lisaratts      Posted: 1/15/2017 10:45:12 AM     Points: 0    
Here are a few more pics so if anyone is fishing below the res, you can get an idea what the waters were like on 1/14/17....