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Lake: Evergreen Lake

question about weather and ice

Post By: loopknot      Posted: 1/5/2008 10:17:19 PM     Points: 135    
I am pretty new to this ice fishing thing and I would like to go out tomorrow but the weather the last two days has been kinda warm and I wonder how long it takes to mess up the ice around denver...I want to be safe and of course I will drill test holes etc and go with buddy and pfds picks etc, but from local experience, how long does it take a 6-8inch thick lid to become these kinds of weather conditions...for instance if a guy wanted to fish evergreen lake...would that still be safe after the warm up...? thanks for any advice..

 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: 1/5/2008 10:27:15 PM     Points: 0    
Usually the edges deteriorate first and can make accessing the lakes a bit more difficult (that's usually the biggest problem this time of year). Often times, warm temps for a few days don't do much to the overall ice conditions (other than maybe make them a little sloppy on top). If they persist for a week or more, they can make for unsafe ice. The cool weather should firm things up nicely again this week. You should be fine going out, just take the precautions that you mentioned (pfd's, rope, ice picks) and at the very worst you could get a little wet, although it is unlikely that will happen. I fished Chatfield a few days ago and the ice was 8-10" thick with 5-7" of clear good ice (even at mid lake). I plan on fishing Chatfield again early next week and would guess that Evergreen is fine. On Chatfield (where their are springs, or anywhere for that matter), one always has to take precautions, look at the ice conditions and use some common sense. That said, the ice should be good for some time to come. Personally, I'm hoping for the cold weather to move in and continue, here's to hoping!