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Lake: Bear Lake - RMNP
River: Cache La Poudre River (Lower Canyon)

fly fishing luck?

Post By: bassin4life      Posted: 12/4/2016 9:22:57 PM     Points: 50    
has anyone had luck at the poudre lately fly fishing these past months. been going to the area right behind the fish hatchery by Watson Lake and just have had no bites. always use san juan worms,woolybuggers and whatever hatch is happening but no luck. any advice and good spots??
 Reply by: bardkin      Posted: 12/5/2016 4:06:01 AM     Points: 3907    
I haven't been since run off. The hatchery is a pretty cool spot but I know they are pretty skittish up there as well. Might be in your approach?

Anyway, other good spots are up further from Stove Prairy on up. Theres an area just up from Kinikinik, That camper / Cabin town. Good luck!
 Reply by: the fishing dj      Posted: 12/5/2016 9:33:52 AM     Points: 25470    
They are eating, but it's a little tough. Midges in 20s and 22s, 6x tippet, and a lot of stealth are key right now. Anywhere from Gateway down should hold fish right now.
 Reply by: FlyLady      Posted: 12/5/2016 9:45:26 AM     Points: 1433    
Did not have any luck in the month of November really. I had one hooked and lost one time and have gone up 6 times the whole month. It's greatly slowed down, I can say the same for Big Thompson, but the construction is killing any real fishing opportunity. I'm hoping after that construction the fish got much bigger, could be good for the river.
 Reply by: bardkin      Posted: 12/5/2016 9:54:44 AM     Points: 3907    
yea, I dont know about the Big T..I hear there was a pretty big fish kill not long ago, and last time I went I saw dead fish all around Sleepy Hollow. Maybe it will come back, but only time will tell.
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