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River: Frying Pan River

Taking a walk with the fishes

Post By: bardkin      Posted: 10/10/2016 12:26:50 PM     Points: 3907    
Wow, what a trip. Thursday through Sunday I was on the water. Caught a ton of fish. My wife asked me to bring some home but I couldn't. Your only aloud 2 browns, both under 14 inches, but I couldn't catch any that small!
Got took for several walks and ended up taking a quick dip in the pool. Thankfully I didnt completely swamp my waders though- I did have some help getting out of it and getting that monster landed though. The two largest were 19 and 21 inches, and the rest of the 40 or so fish I caught were around 16 inches +.
No fish porn- There are some pics of me and my catch but we were in a group of 10 that went. I gotta wait on them to get back to me.
None the less, I am posting a few river shots.

And before I end, I do want to tell you about where we stayed. There is a lady who owns property up at the top of the hill above the dam. She has a cabin that has a queen bed and a super nice fold out couch.
Then, below the houses is a 16 person yurt. Queen size 6 inch memory foam mattresses. There is a fire pit, a wood burning stove, space heaters and electricity. Bathrooms are incinerator style. (Took more than one trip to get used to it..)

The property is about 5 minutes from the toilet bowl.
Sacred Jewel

I think with 10 of us we paid only $20.00 per night for lodging, but apparently a few of the group are good friends with her so don't be mad if it's a bit more.
Showers should be finished by spring.

Ok, here's the pics. #1- the bend below the bridge. #2 the gauge house #3 the 1st bend below the dam.

 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: 10/11/2016 11:21:10 AM     Points: 4492    
Haven't been to the Pan the last two seasons, you've got me fired up to go next week, love it there this time of year. Nice going on your trip.

BTW the middle pix was my best ever on the Pan 29" on a Vibrax Minnow in Brown Trout Color. He swam away strong after a quick picture.