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Lake: North Michigan Reservoir

Cabins not remodelled

Post By: cardo      Posted: 8/6/2016 7:02:30 PM     Points: 1342    
Went to No Mich Res this week. Usual fishing-lots of pretty little trout. The trout will bite on anything. The cabins however...Reserve America website says they have been remodeled. Maybe in 1980. Our cabin had nice vinyl frame windows, a good wood stove, a dim solar-powered light and sleeps 6. Overall no complaints for a rustic cabin. BUT 1/3 of the window screens were torn, the door knob and deadbolt barely worked, the floor is old splintered painted plywood and the light is very dim. The deck is so old there are dangerous spots in it. We looked at the 2 cabins near us and they both had dangerous decks. Cabin #6 at least has a concrete floor. We've stayed in cabins there before and will again but do not believe the website when it says "remodeled cabins"
 Reply by: Ol Gray Eagle      Posted: 8/6/2016 9:22:29 PM     Points: 0
Thanks for sharing. Always good to have a little review to read before heading out there.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 8/6/2016 9:25:01 PM     Points: 37719
If that is remodeled... Just think what it looked like before :)
 Reply by: Jamesbo      Posted: 8/6/2016 9:39:25 PM     Points: 527
Do you know what the campsites are like? My son wants me to take him camping there. Looks like it is a 4 hr drive from COS.
 Reply by: cardo      Posted: 8/8/2016 6:55:10 AM     Points: 1342
Reply to Jamesbo. The campgrounds are nice and drinking water is available. It's 140 miles from I25 on the north side of Denver. There is one campground right at the boat ramp which only has 4 spaces and 2 other campgrounds across the lake. There are also 2 tent campsites near the cabins. There's no shade but it's not that hot up there. I hope you get this post. I've submitted 3 but they don't show up.
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