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Fish: Black Bullhead

Monster bullhead

Post By: the fishing dj      Posted: 7/25/2016 11:04:30 AM     Points: 25270    
So I was out fishing a little bass pond a few days back getting into some pretty nice fish, when I got into this monster. He ate a beaver out deep on the fall. Weighed him, and it was a little over a pound and a half! He was released to swim another day!
Tight lines,
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 7/25/2016 11:26:46 AM     Points: 48834
That's a great bullhead for CO Rob! Ones that size are few and far between here.
 Reply by: rkhancock      Posted: 7/25/2016 1:25:23 PM     Points: 22834
Great catch
 Reply by: elkinthebag      Posted: 7/25/2016 4:57:23 PM     Points: 2133
Nice one. Lol here you are catching them on the fly rod and I can't even hook one on bait right now.
 Reply by: D-Zilla      Posted: 7/25/2016 5:35:10 PM     Points: 2474
Elk, go to Prewitt and put a worm on the bottom near the pump house.....Bullheads all day. NOTHING like that one though, nice fish Rob!
 Reply by: the fishing dj      Posted: 7/25/2016 7:19:10 PM     Points: 25270
Thanks guys! It was a fun fish for sure!
Elk, this one was caught throwing gear for bass. Heres a few on the fly though.
 Reply by: ultralightfanatic      Posted: 7/25/2016 7:19:26 PM     Points: 814
Really nice fish Rob, biggest I've seen.
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 7/25/2016 7:39:09 PM     Points: 84189
That's one heck of a bullhead dj congrats!
 Reply by: elkinthebag      Posted: 7/25/2016 8:55:55 PM     Points: 2133
Sure rub it in rob lol. Still gotta get the boys up that way. Zilla that would require time which I have like absolute zero of. I have been a couple times this year and only for an hour or so most the time. So no time or patience to bait fish. The only time I had was early this year and I struck out. Not much of a cat guy no patience. But bass, pike and eyes I have figured out pretty good. Trout are hard to keep off and kokes are easy after you locate them but ussually take to long to search for for me.
 Reply by: tfotrout      Posted: 7/25/2016 11:59:06 PM     Points: 1474
That thing is a tank
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: 7/26/2016 8:23:02 AM     Points: 9369
nice work DJ, that thing is a hog for a bullhead!
 Reply by: Tbubb      Posted: 7/26/2016 2:17:54 PM     Points: 7789
MA for BB's is 14" And I've only got one over that, despite targeting them one summer several years ago.

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