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Fish: Grass Carp

Cat Guys vs. Carp Guys: The Heat is ON !

Post By: JOHN_COSprings      Posted: 6/12/2016 9:00:29 PM     Points: 640    
Having finished with the garden project this reporter has been spending his time decorating. This seasons battle has been intense, all teams landing quality captures, fish after fish on the scoreboard. Though it had been a quiet week I could sense all the teams were out there fishing hard.

My painting was interrupted with a late spring hail storm of text messages from the Carp Guys. It was hard at first to make sense of the words, a jumble of random characters interspersed with "Coffee", "Yes", "30", "Victory", "for Bron, for Queen and Country" ... and so on. It took me a few minutes to make sense of it all, the UK Madman had caught a big carp.

I actually considered setting my phone to "Airplane Mode" for some peace but I knew the crazy Brit would not stop. I decided to call him for more information, needless to say, he was very happy. Once he had finished drinking a gallon of victory coffee the story was relayed.

Whilst fishing a quick couple of hour morning session, at a venue he had blanked at for almost 2 years, a beast of a grass carp had been landed. Why he even bothered fishing such a desolate wasteland was beyond lunacy, yet with a 38" and 30 lb 1 oz fish landed, I guess he had his reasons. That was the only intelligible comments I could get out of him so I wisely hung up.

News of this capture had by now reached the Cat Guys whom were very pleased for the Brit. "One of Two" muttered, "We are Borg, We only wish to raise quality of life for all species". Daris had actually ordered a slab of ribs to honor his fellow competitors monster capture.

This brings our scores to:

Carp Guys = 21 MA carp = 387 lbs (longest fish, 38", heaviest 30 lb's, ave 18.42 lb's)
Cat Guys = 19 MA cat = 366 lbs (longest fish, 36", heaviest 25 lb's, ave 19.26 lb's)
Team Fly = 5 MA carp = 85 lbs (longest fish 35", Heaviest 30 lb's, ave 17 lb's)
Young Guns = 1 MA carp = 17 lbs (longest fish, 32", heaviest 17 lb's, ave 17 lb's)

The battle continues on as we approach summer. The temperatures are climbing, as is the heat of the action. Who knows what catches the guys will land next.

Your roving reporter.

 Reply by: FISHRANGLER      Posted: 6/12/2016 9:11:10 PM     Points: 1688
That's a beast John congrats
 Reply by: JOHN_COSprings      Posted: 6/12/2016 9:16:32 PM     Points: 640
Thanks Daris. I'm sure this capture will make Bron happy !
 Reply by: JKaboom      Posted: 6/12/2016 9:18:29 PM     Points: 293
Dang nice!!
 Reply by: ol Uncle Marty      Posted: 6/12/2016 9:18:43 PM     Points: 352
Great job John. You set the bar pretty high.
My hat is off to you for hitting the 30# mark.
That is going to be difficult to beat.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 6/12/2016 9:37:09 PM     Points: 42929
THAT FISH IS AWESOME! You should have a replica made John! Tell me, how hard was the initial hit, how long was the fight, and how many runs did it make? Congrats my friend and I will have a victory ice tea on that one! I am playing hooky tomorrow and going to the mountains but on the way home we are stopping at a venue that a respected FXR member has tipped me has 40-50" carp in it. We should have some good posts on Tuesday.

Cant wait to see the cat to answer that!
 Reply by: JOHN_COSprings      Posted: 6/12/2016 9:47:36 PM     Points: 640
Hey Bron, the initial hit wasn't that hard, a short fast run straight out. The fish made a couple more solid breaks for freedom after the initial run, the 2nd about 25 yards off the bank, a strong pull, then finally when it first saw the net, a rip snorting 40 yard reel drag screaming fast run. It was the last run when I knew I had a real special fish on the other end. We saw the huge paddle tail as it blasted away. The irony is, on the initial run, I actually thought I had a real big catfish hooked, as it was giving me a "knock knock knock" style head shake.
 Reply by: elkinthebag      Posted: 6/12/2016 9:48:12 PM     Points: 2133
Nice one still wanna get a grassie on the rod b
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 6/12/2016 10:01:21 PM     Points: 73257
That is one giant carp John holy cow!
 Reply by: JOHN_COSprings      Posted: 6/12/2016 10:04:23 PM     Points: 640
Aye Kev-o, she was a beast. I must be getting old, had to have one elbow on my thigh to help balance the fish to hold it up - I need to hit the gym !
 Reply by: Jacob J      Posted: 6/13/2016 5:46:45 AM     Points: 1661
Congrats! Look like carp guys are picking up the pace
 Reply by: phidoux      Posted: 6/13/2016 9:10:52 AM     Points: 7765
Congrats on that monster John. I'm not even going to give you any banter this time. How does it feel to be in the 30# club? Again what a great fish.
 Reply by: JOHN_COSprings      Posted: 6/13/2016 8:55:17 PM     Points: 640
Ray, it's good to be in the #30 club this season for a grass carp. Next target, the #40 club for both a common and grass carp.

Always got to have a dream ! it's a sickness !


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