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Lake: Lake John

Lake John Wind

Post By: Darbs      Posted: 12/30/2007 5:22:09 PM     Points: 59    
Just returned home from fishing Lake John. We fished most of the day yesterday and this morning with no success. We tried several presentations- small tubes, swedish pimples, two fly setups, and genz worms. We could see fish on the Vexilar- would come right up to the jig and then leave. The winds finally pushed us home early- gusts over 60 mph with whiteout conditions! If you are heading to John, be sure to check the weather forecast as the road to the lake was drifted over and very difficult to get through in spots.

By the way, does anyone have any suggestions on what lures, sizes, and colors to use at this lake, as we are heading back in couple of weeks?
 Reply by: Bee      Posted: 1/4/2008 9:30:52 AM     Points: 36    
I fished Lake John Saturday, December 29th with a friend and his 7 year old son. We fished just off the spillway in 18 foot of water. Karl the 7 year old had a fat 19 inch rainbow on the ice before we could get out tents set-up. We thought great.........we're going to have a great day of fishing. Wrong! We got 3 other hook ups. There were plenty of fish swimming around our jigs but they would just come up and bump the jig and swim away. Karl caught his rainbow on a 1 inch white Gitzit/tube jig with a wax worm. Winds gusted to over 50 MPH and blew us off the lake by noon. It was a bit tough geting out since the wind had blown plenty of snow over the road. We also used Ratfinks and other red and chartruse jigs and I even tried a jigging rapala. The fish that did hit seemed to prefer a jig that was sitting still. Good Luck.
 Reply by: Tarter (sauce)      Posted: 1/4/2008 11:26:03 AM     Points: 48    
There really isn,t a particular lure or jig to use,it is whatever they are in the mood for.I have even caught trout on mister tyster plastics (small one's) in the lighter colors.Start with small 1/8 oz kastmaster and go from there and offer ever-thing you have unitl you find what they are hitting on.