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Lake: Valco Ponds (North Gateway Park)

FYI kayakers

Post By: sportrider      Posted: 5/20/2016 4:29:19 PM     Points: 199    
I was fishing valco ponds (below Pueblo res) a week of so ago and spotted a guy on a kayak out fishing, at the time I thought nothing about it. later in the week I went there and noticed the sign posted saying no boats. I have an inflatable raft that I had thought about launching there before I saw the regs sign. I talked to a ranger that was out doing license checks, he told me the raft is illegal as well as kayaks. float tubes were the only exception. he stated if caught on the ponds in a "boat" all gear including the boat is confiscated a $700.00 fine and loss of fishing license for a year. just thought I'd pass this on incase the kayaker I saw is on the forums. he had a really nice boat, fish finder mounted and a gopro, plus all the fishing gear. that would sting to pay $700.00 to lose it!
 Reply by: Luke the Dog      Posted: 5/22/2016 10:09:55 PM     Points: 37    
Seriously!? That sucks, I took my kayak out there several times last year, the signs only said 'non-motorized vessels'...
 Reply by: Ziriux      Posted: 5/22/2016 10:29:09 PM     Points: 0    
That's what I thought too Luke, never took anything into it to fish. Oh man would it suck for the guy if they took all his stuff. Although I'm not sure he'd do all that to a first time offender, I would definitely not like to find out ever.
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