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Lake: Lowell Ponds

Lowell Ponds Parking Update

Post By: Lil Larry      Posted: 4/27/2016 7:17:26 AM     Points: 115    
What's the updated status on getting into the lakes from Tennyson street? Thanks all. Tight lines!
 Reply by: Toadfish      Posted: 4/27/2016 8:05:07 AM     Points: 3831
Last time I was there it was still park by the street, walk in through the hole in the fence by Clear Creek. I was there about a week ago and didn't see any change
 Reply by: fishingfreak      Posted: 4/27/2016 10:16:33 AM     Points: 2755
Yuo what Toadfish said.
 Reply by: bluecollarguy      Posted: 4/27/2016 2:56:20 PM     Points: 48
I find it humorous how CPW will deal with "holes" in fences for access by posting regulations close by so the "hole squeezer" is up to speed on what he can or can't do at that particular water once he gets inside!

Are the regulations still on that fence? I don't drive by that side very often and don't remember the last time i passed by.
 Reply by: Toadfish      Posted: 4/27/2016 2:59:45 PM     Points: 3831
They were several months ago, but I didn't see them last time I was there
 Reply by: Lil Larry      Posted: 4/28/2016 10:25:45 AM     Points: 115
Thank you so much man! That greatly helps.
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