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Lake: Totten Lake

Spring Pike

Post By: Bwallace10327      Posted: 4/25/2016 5:00:32 PM     Points: 204    
Picked up these great pike, plus 3 hammer handles before the weather took a turn for the worse. Great day of fishing.
 Reply by: Bwallace10327      Posted: 4/25/2016 5:02:24 PM     Points: 204    
...and I wasn't the only one having luck.
 Reply by: ultralightfanatic      Posted: 4/25/2016 5:06:10 PM     Points: 814    
Congrats on the pike, nice. But that eagle man, that's awesome capturing that on film. What a great day you had!
 Reply by: Bwallace10327      Posted: 4/25/2016 5:13:33 PM     Points: 204    
Take a look at the size of fish the eagle caught. Given the lake, I think it was a northern.
 Reply by: JKaboom      Posted: 4/25/2016 6:25:58 PM     Points: 4565    
Great pics !!
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: 4/26/2016 9:13:34 AM     Points: 703    
Very cool indeed sir!
 Reply by: team FMFO      Posted: 4/26/2016 10:17:34 AM     Points: 3829    
Good stuff !
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 4/26/2016 10:20:04 AM     Points: 63887    
Great pics and good job on the pike man!
 Reply by: Ziriux      Posted: 4/26/2016 2:56:41 PM     Points: 0    
Man that eagle catches bigger fish than I do.
 Reply by: Bwallace10327      Posted: 4/27/2016 4:43:15 PM     Points: 204    
We should all be so lucky to catch fish like an eagle can.