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Lake: Ramah Reservoir

Any one fish Ramah?

Post By: Jakers83      Posted: 4/23/2016 10:05:02 PM     Points: 58    
Has anyone been out to Ramah to fish?!?! Was out there today to poke around and saw there is still water in there. Looks like people have been fishing it but saw no sign of any fish
 Reply by: Kolorado KingFisher      Posted: 4/24/2016 6:33:05 AM     Points: 82
At one time, this was probably close to 20 years ago it was loaded with bullheads.
 Reply by: Jakers83      Posted: 4/24/2016 12:20:19 PM     Points: 58
Yeah I use to fish it all the time back when I was in high school. That was hoping to go out and see if anything got put back in there
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