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Lake: Poudre Ponds

Left a tackle tray, did any one find it?

Post By: JZANGLER      Posted: 4/14/2016 6:30:52 PM     Points: 2132    
Hi guys I left a fanbo 3600 size zrust box with my riging stuff in it, tons of lead, brass and tungsten bullets, hooks and custom made bass jigs and shakey heads, the left side had bullet weights, the upper middle had hooks the lower portion had football jigs, drop shot weights, and shakey head footballs, there was also a shad colored under spin tossed in there randomly, I would really apreacate to have it back,I worked really hard to purchase this stuff, I have retuned several things left at lakes/rivers and hopefully that good karma will come back to me! Some of those jigs where custom made and one off's id be willing to give you a good reward if you return it!
 Reply by: OldMikkDale      Posted: 4/14/2016 8:59:43 PM     Points: 1693    
jzangler, I would suggest you call the Greeley Parks Dept. 350 9390 or stop in to their office at 501 N 14th ave. That is on the very west side of Island Grove Park just west of the Convention Center in a building that was a house at one time, faces south. Open fields to the west of it. Chris is the one that takes care of Poudre Pondl and somewhere I might have his phone number however I would suggest you ask for it. If you see a city PU driving into the pond area, that is most likely him.

Before you buy replacement tackle, I will share some of mine with you at no cost, besides having everything I could not live with out, I made a trade with a person and did I ever increase my already too big of inventory.

I have a two person boat and a canoe that can be used on the pond and let me know if you would like to go along. (also have a kayak and a pontoon boat) Did not have enough boats so I bought a boat with a 90 HP engine and am remolding it so it will be better to fish out of it.

If any of this is of interest to you, please post how I can contact you.

 Reply by: JZANGLER      Posted: 4/15/2016 7:20:31 PM     Points: 2132    
Thanks Mike,
I apreacate the generosity/ info, nice to meet another kayak angler, the reason I was asking for the box back is mainly for the custom jigs that I can no longer obtain, i do really apreacate the offer, if you are looking to loose some tackle maby find some one that is new to the sport? Any way have a great weekend, are you braving the storm this weekend or just organizing some tackle?? Lol