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Lake: Siena Reservoir

Siena Reservoir Link

Post By: Ziriux      Posted: 4/11/2016 12:56:37 PM     Points: 0    
Hi Admins,

Siena Reservoir lake update link has not worked the last two updates I tried clicking on, it's not even clickable, can you look into it and repair it possibly please. :)
 Reply by: Mike V.      Posted: 4/11/2016 1:20:52 PM     Points: 487    
Good post, since I have been the one posting the updates pretty regularly and I have noticed that. I don't know what class of lake it is, but you cant interact with it much except update it. It would be a good thing to change so we can do some more interaction with it.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 4/11/2016 1:24:35 PM     Points: 29976    
You get better response out of contacting them directly by email rather than hoping they will see your post. There is a link for contact: [log in for link]

 Reply by: opencage      Posted: 4/11/2016 1:28:09 PM     Points: 164691    
Sorry about that, should be fixed now.

Ajax is right, it's much better to email me through my skipper link or just at tom at fish explo rer dot com about website issues or questions.

 Reply by: Ziriux      Posted: 4/11/2016 1:28:45 PM     Points: 0    
Thanks Cage, noted. :)
 Reply by: cookster      Posted: 4/11/2016 1:31:13 PM     Points: 63782    
Yep it works and was updated on 4-11 by MikeV
 Reply by: ralpert      Posted: 4/11/2016 2:10:20 PM     Points: 143    
I think some small bodies of water should stay on the DL. I have seen too many people abuse that lake.
 Reply by: Ziriux      Posted: 4/11/2016 2:16:39 PM     Points: 0    
True, but all links need to work as that's the purpose of this site. Glad it's fixed.