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Lake: Quail Lake
Fish: Rainbow Trout

Quail Today!

Post By: Mr. Fly Fisherman      Posted: 2/21/2016 2:23:45 PM     Points: 162    
Today I took my new kayak out to Quail for my open water trip of the year. The lake was completely open. There were about ten groups on the shore and they had the stockers dailed in on bottom with bait. I was trying the whole time for a Febuary bass but no luck so five minutes before I left I threw on a small red and black spinner and caught a trout on my first cast with that. It was great to finally get back on soft water.
 Reply by: CatchingTrout      Posted: 2/21/2016 4:17:00 PM     Points: 260
Fisherman -- So I am in the process of researching fishing kayaks for both fly fishing and casting. Looking at Predator MX, Ascend FS128T, Wilderness Ride 115 Max Angler, and Feelfree Lure 11-5. Am curious about the kayak you bought and how you like it --- also any thoughts about the brands I listed if you did some research. Thanks and good fishing!
 Reply by: Mr. Fly Fisherman      Posted: 2/21/2016 10:01:03 PM     Points: 162
I have the Stealth 10 Emotion Kayak and for only using it once I love it. It's is 10 feet and pretty stable. I am going to try fly fishing out of it next time. There is not very much built in storage but that is no problem because I put a milk crate in the back. I did a lot of research on the Ascends and I was going to get one but they are a little pricey for a high school kid but my brother has an Ascend but I don't know which one. He loves his. The kayak I got was my second choice and I ended up with that one because it went on sale and made it 100 dollars cheaper.
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