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Lake: Arapaho Bend Ponds (FC)

Arapahoe bend ice?

Post By: ICE-DAWG      Posted: 1/2/2016 7:04:20 PM     Points: 67    
Anyone have any information on if these ponds have safe ice or if they ever get a good enough cap to ice fish? Any information helps!
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 Reply by: ColoradoRay      Posted: 1/2/2016 7:15:31 PM     Points: 22936    
The ponds are all totally froze over but no ice fishing is allowed.
 Reply by: ICE-DAWG      Posted: 1/2/2016 7:18:57 PM     Points: 67    
I wondered... That's a shame. Thanks for the info
 Reply by: FishSeal      Posted: 1/2/2016 11:43:31 PM     Points: 2757    

Fort Collins City Parks - have grass and playgrounds, are ice fishable.
Fort Collins Natural Areas - have the natural grasses and no playgrounds, are not ice fishable.

Just to help you out. Feel free to ask!

 Reply by: Marq      Posted: 1/4/2016 12:36:21 PM     Points: 1605    
Thanks for the quick replies everyone. as they said, the lakes are closed for ice fishing.

I went and checked the river on the East side of the ponds and there are some spots you could work into if you're interested. Be very careful on the Eastern facing banks, very slick!