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Lake: South Delaney
Fish: Cutthroat Trout
North Park Anglers - North Park Colorado Fly Fishing Specialists

Arms Stiffened for Enhancement

Post By: Bryan87      Posted: 12/9/2015 1:17:21 PM     Points: 583    
Fished Lake John, North & South Delaney Lakes this past Thursday-Sunday.

Ice was 5" @ John and about 6" @ the Delaneys.

North Delany was murkey, I understand just before it capped there were strong winds that stirred it up good. Everywhere else was very clear with visibility of better than 16 feet down.

Lake John was very slow on 2 visits during the trip so we focused on the Delaneys.

North was a slow bite as to be expected.

South was great fishing, pretty constant action, yielding some nice trout.

19" Cutthroat from South Delaney and a 17" Brown from the North.
 Reply by: dallasdb      Posted: 12/9/2015 2:27:17 PM     Points: 206
Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
 Reply by: Digginjiggin      Posted: 12/9/2015 6:15:23 PM     Points: 502
Good work, great report.
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