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Fish: Freshwater Drum

Drum limit

Post By: Kev-o      Posted: 9/14/2015 5:03:29 PM     Points: 84601    
Just out of curiosity does anybody know the limit for fresh water drum? Are they considered carp and have no limit?
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 9/14/2015 5:08:08 PM     Points: 84601
Didn't mean to post this twice, my bad.
 Reply by: Reef Kichards      Posted: 9/14/2015 5:14:16 PM     Points: 4
Well, if they were considered carp, they would be called carp. But they are a different fish, so they are both called and considered a different fish. Anyway, I Googled this for you.

A) "Species not on this chart have no bag or possession limits or are restricted or illegal to take."

B) Freshwater drum are not on this chart (on pg 3 of the 2015 regs booklet) but neither are they restricted or illegal to take.
 Reply by: IceFishingFool      Posted: 9/14/2015 5:27:06 PM     Points: 1128
kev-o go into the other one, use the edit button and delete that post
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 9/14/2015 5:30:33 PM     Points: 84601
They are considered a game fish these days along with carp for some reason. Normally fish like these are considered "rough fish" carp, sucker, drum ect. Thanks for your reply keef. I'm aware that they are two different species. Other post deleted, duh. Thanks Bud!
 Reply by: lewdog      Posted: 9/14/2015 5:49:57 PM     Points: 3940
Theres a daily bag and possession limit listed in the book. If they are not listed on it they are unlimited. You got a good spot for them? I love me some freshwater drums.
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 9/14/2015 5:56:39 PM     Points: 84601
I've caught them at John Martin in the past lew, Jackson has them too flyrodn catches them there. Used to catch tons of them in Wisconsin when I was a kid, kind of a far drive though man.
 Reply by: Flyrodn      Posted: 9/14/2015 6:00:17 PM     Points: 184622
As I read the regulations there are no limits on them. Something I find ridiculous. They're not all that common, an excellent fighter, and good eating. I asked why they don't "manage" them and the answer was they're not in the hatchery system. I'll not expound on that at this point. I personally think they should have a limit of 5 to 10 at most. That's more than plenty.

As to waters with them, any South Platte or Arkansas river reservoir on the plains have small populations of them.
 Reply by: D-Zilla      Posted: 9/14/2015 8:46:59 PM     Points: 2474
I caught a boatload (not literally, I was shore bound) of drum out of Jackson. Worms on the bottom off the dam.....they were quite happy to keep me busy.
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