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Lake: Jerry Creek Reservoirs
Fish: Bluegill

Jerry Creek #2 Bluegill

Post By: Pathway      Posted: 8/21/2015 2:18:03 PM     Points: 534    
In case you haven't heard they are allowing the take of up to 20 bluegill today, Sat and Sun. There are to many and they are starting to stunt. I took 18 out this morning.
Ute Water has shuttles up the hill and back down when you're finished. They will even allow the kids to use worms.
Great opportunity to take a kid fishing.

The press release says Jerry Creek number 1 but is # 2 which is the smaller and lower reservoir.
 Reply by: Flyrodn      Posted: 8/21/2015 2:41:51 PM     Points: 184621    
I heard and I'm sure folks are taking the smaller, stunted fish.
 Reply by: fishman1      Posted: 8/21/2015 9:11:40 PM     Points: 20263    
Hi Pathway, I posted the press release on 8/14/15 in the news section. I don't know the area, the story does state lake #1. Thanks for the correction and update!

 Reply by: Pathway      Posted: 8/22/2015 10:41:37 AM     Points: 534    
Angler's probably could not make a mistake because the reservoir has Ute Water personnel and CPW wardens all over the place. I did see several nice largemouth feeding and the upper lake has plenty of big LMB. A float tube is helpful in the upper reservoir. If you do fish the upper lake watch for Midget Faded Rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus concolor) Venomous Westslope.
 Reply by: fishman1      Posted: 8/22/2015 3:31:02 PM     Points: 20263    
Thanks Pathway!