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Lake: Quincy Reservoir
Fish: White Crappie

Quincy res = Crappie,Largemouth,perch,bows...

Post By: TeamGR3      Posted: 8/17/2015 9:06:15 AM     Points: 1555    
Another lake we have not fished in years, my son and I got the itch with our new SS. dingy, and fished the "Q". First let me say this was the only lake I fished when I exited the Army in 1995, only to frustrate myself to learn fly fishing-it worked out well! I remember the old spots I would catch fish, but never targeted the fish we caught this weekend. Chris and I mainly jigged and did not troll a bit, to hit sand to rock transitions, and points to steeper edges... let me say that a white tube jig in these spots could not catch perch and crappie fast enough!!! all crappie were returned to grow bigger-we hit doubles with them all day and perch, but the crappers were 10 inches at the most long-some still had crawdads hanging out there mouths. When we hit the largies, we were jigging as well-on the edge of weed beds in 15 ft. of water-all crappie and perch were 15-30' deep-slow jigging action.
 Reply by: TeamGR3      Posted: 8/17/2015 9:08:25 AM     Points: 1555    
more pics....enjoy
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 8/17/2015 9:25:41 AM     Points: 1816    
Good report, GR - thx. Looks like fun. SS Dingy... hehe
 Reply by: SpeedTrip      Posted: 8/26/2015 9:00:40 PM     Points: 0    
Did you really keep those? Let them grow so they're still fish in the future.
 Reply by: IceFishingFool      Posted: 8/26/2015 9:15:06 PM     Points: 2200    
WTG TeamGR3 I keep the smaller perch, scale, cut out the back bone, toss them in a blender, and make fish patties out of them. Then the bigger ones grow faster.
 Reply by: Flyrodn      Posted: 8/27/2015 8:23:24 AM     Points: 184621    
It's a common misconception that a small fish released will grow to become a big fish. Odds are against it, very few make it. And with prolific spawners, like perch, keeping the edible smaller fish and releasing trophies is the best way to go. I've no issue taking a limit of 7-8 inch perch. If more folks did that with perch and sunfish, we'd see more "big" perch and gills and few waters with "stunted" populations, in my opinion.

 Reply by: ultralightfanatic      Posted: 8/27/2015 9:20:33 AM     Points: 814    
Amen to that, eat the dinks and cpr the rest. Nice day for you on the water, sure you had fun, and bet the fish fry was great.
 Reply by: TeamGR3      Posted: 8/27/2015 10:37:19 AM     Points: 1555    
good advise-will see the fish harvest in a new light, and the fish fry was awesome-Christian my son, took the cast iron skillet with a bit of oil-butter mix, seasoned the fillets and whole perch bodies with saz'on-spanish season, a bit of salt -pepper, fried until almost golden, then in another sauce pan, put "hidden valley ranch mixed with siracha" whaaaaaaat, amazing vittles !!!!
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: 8/28/2015 10:35:16 AM     Points: 6366    
Wow, the fish fry sounds delicious, way to go.
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