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Lake: Summit Reservoir

Mt. Evans

Post By: bron      Posted: 7/1/2015 1:32:14 PM     Points: 48864    
Anyone know if Mt. Evans road is still under construction? If so, can you at least get to Summit Lake?
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 7/2/2015 5:51:16 AM     Points: 48864
 Reply by: Fiddler1986      Posted: 7/2/2015 7:55:13 AM     Points: 10219
From the cotrip website:
Still closed from Echo Lake to the top. ETA reopen late July as crews continue to repair the road. Seasonal Closure began September 2nd, 2014 at 11:30am.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 7/2/2015 7:57:52 AM     Points: 48864
Thanks Fiddler! I like making that trip to Summit every Summer--looks like it will be late in July this year if I go.
 Reply by: Fiddler1986      Posted: 7/2/2015 8:56:16 AM     Points: 10219
No problem. I too hope to get up there this year. Good luck when you're able to get up there!
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